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Can I Create Likee Account without a Phone Number?

Create Likee Account without a Phone Number

What is Likee? It’s a video distribution and social networking platform, developed by BIGO Technologies in 2017 to offer people a counterpart of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. With familiar user functions like vertical shorts, stickers, filters, effects, and unique features, Likee has attracted millions to its user base.

Since 2017, the app has garnered worldwide attention with its bright marketing campaigns, sponsorships, design, and overall utility. Let’s find out, What is Likee and what should you pay attention to while registering. After all, it can be useful for casual users and those seeking to monetize their presence here.

likee App

What is Likee Benefit-wise?

We can compare this app to TikTok as the key feature of the app is the vertical format of short videos. They have a similar interface design, both are produced in China, their recommendation algorithms are comparable, and BIGO targets young audiences to sign up for Likee, just like TikTok’s developers.

What is Likee Benefit-wise?

Likee shares many features in common with its competitors regarding video creation, distribution, and customization, including:

  • Vertical short videos or live streams.
  • 1000+ Stickers, masks, and animations that can be used in videos or live broadcasts.
  • Music presets with snippets of songs that you can customize to fit any video.
  • Gamification capabilities.

What is Likee in terms of gamification? It allows streamers to compete for popularity and points, participate in challenges, get the public attention, and engage with influencers. In total, there are 180+ challenges and related activities on the platform. These capabilities also let brands increase loyalty and awareness.

The aforementioned points can be converted into real money, while features like banner ads, branded stickers/animations, and in-app product sales capabilities can be attractive for Likee account holders looking to monetize their presence on the application.

The app targets Generation Z audiences, as they tend to spend more time and money on this app. Located mainly in India, Europe, and the Middle East, they enjoy lip-syncing, dancing, creative performances, and challenges. By 2023, the developers have attracted over 150M users to sign up for Likee.

The software is available for free on mobile, and for owners of older models, the developers have created the Lite version. It has similar functionality, operation algorithms, and design, but its interface is lighter and simpler, while the display quality is reduced. If interested, download one of Likee’s apps and register to join its community. SMS-Man recommends taking a glance at the process first.

How to Sign Up for Likee?

You can use it without a Likee account. But if you need to upload videos, post comments on people’s videos, give likes, or broadcast your activities, you will need it. The registration procedure is simple.

Here’s a full stepwise tutorial:

  1. Set up the app, go to your profile section. 
  2. Pick your registration option: Google or Facebook account, phone, email, or VK social network.
  3. Verify yourself, set up a username.
  4. Finish the process.

In short, you can bypass utilizing your phone number for Likee if you don’t want to provide this data. But you still must share a part of your personal life with the app, whether it’s your Google, VK, or Facebook account, your email, or your mobile number information.

They request it for security issues. Not only does the registration help restore your account and block scammers or spammers, but find fraudsters or criminals, and improves general protection via verification codes. Considering this, it sounds logical to request this data.

Despite the obvious benefits, SMS-Man does not recommend sharing your private data to create Likee account, as it could jeopardize your web confidentiality and anonymity, and data can get to hackers or marketers. How do you bypass the app’s requirements and still gain access? Virtual mobile numbers can help.

How to Complete Likee Registration without a Phone Number?

SMS-man offers virtual phone numbers from 180 different countries for rent or one-time use. In the first case, a subscription to the number is purchased, which can be used for registration in any services for up to 3 months. The second option is more suitable for one-time registrations and can accept only one SMS message.

So, which is better? It depends on your goals. A disposable phone number will be enough for regular registration, including Likee registration.

virtual phone number for likee

Below is a quick step-by-step instruction on how to use a virtual phone number for Likee:

  1. Go to and register or log in using Google.
  2. Refill your account using the “Top up my balance” feature.
  3. Select your country and the Likee app, then click the buy button.
  4. Find the purchased phone number in the “History” section and copy it.
  5. Use it in the registration process and wait for the verification code.
  6. Go back to SMS-man and click the “Receive SMS” button next to your phone.
  7. Use the received code to complete the process.

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