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Can I Use Viber without a Phone Number?

Can I Use Viber without a Phone Number?

What is Viber? It’s a massaging application that lets you exchange text, files, videos, images, audio messages, and make calls in video or audio formats. The app supports two types of chats, dialogues and groups, and channels with an unlimited number of participants. It is free and reliable, which attracts customers globally.

The service has invited 820+ million monthly users. Viber created a security system, including protection protocols, encryption, and other features that help customers. Some of them may be inconvenient, like the phone number requirements during the registration of a Viber account.

The New Viber

What is Viber Feature-wise?

How did the app manage to attract and handle such a broad audience? The answer is, its developers have designed a simple application with a low entry-level and intuitive interface. The app is supported on outdated hardware with impressive speed and stability.

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However, certain things make it superior to competitors like WhatsApp or Skype. So, what is Viber feature-wise?

  • Multiplatform capabilities: use Viber across several devices, shift calls among them, show the screen from the desktop in video calls, chat when your mobile is off.
  • The monthly Viber Out tariff lets you call people across 57 countries even if they haven’t installed the app.
  • Well-established connection and stability during calls or texting.

It has a broad collection of things that aren’t unique, but still, make the Viber account user’s experience contemporary. They include notification settings, erasing a message for everybody, enabling invisible status, opening a secret chat, customizing pictures, creating custom stickers, sharing your location, etc.

You can set up the light or dark interface theme, change your chat’s backdrop, or even set your own one. Overall, the app’s developers made a good rationale to create a Viber account. To do it, you must pass a registration procedure.

Viber Account Registration — Explained

To get access, specify a mobile number, verify it via a 6-digit code. Then, enter your name, birth date, and email. You can optionally set a profile picture and let the developers send you the updates. After that, you can specify the necessary permissions, such as access to photos, and start using your Viber account.

These requirements come from security concerns. It works with enormous user numbers, so the developers request your data to prevent fraud, scams, and spam on the platform. No data is published openly; it’s stored on anonymous corporate servers. Their security measures and practices are described in Privacy Policy.

The numbers are needed to enable the app’s main security function – E2E encryption, which protects both the receiver and the sender of chat notes. However, do you need a phone number for Viber, really? No, you don’t. Every piece of information, including the number, can be substituted.

You can use auto-generated email addresses, names, and dates of birth, and even create a virtual phone number. The latter is a regular phone number, created via a cloud-based technology that doesn’t need any software or hardware. It’s fit for those who seek web protection.

What is Viber Registration Using Virtual Numbers?

Many providers can help you register in Viber without phone number. Virtual numbers are a legal, reliable, and stable option to bypass the strict registration requirements. Viber won’t know that you sent an auto-generated number because the system can’t track it.

virtual phone number for viber

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create an account this way:

  1. Visit, register, or log in.
  2. Replenish your account balance with a small sum.
  3. Press ‘Buy SMS’ on the front page.
  4. Choose the service (Viber), and your country.
  5. Find the number in your archive, copy it.
  6. Submit if while registering a Viber account.
  7. Request an SMS in your cabinet, tap it in the app’s menu.

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