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How to Use Foodora App without a Phone Number?

Foodora App without a Phone Number

Foodora is a restaurant and grocery shop delivery service available in 200+ cities across Europe. They believe that freedom can be delivered, so they allow people to request food & grocery takeout from nearby dineries and stores. It has attracted millions to register since its launch in 2014.

But what is Foodora doing with your private data? Read this article if you wonder about it and find no good answer. SMS-Man shows how to walk around its number requirements, and looks at its registration and functionality. Let’s start with the latter!

What is Foodora?

What is Foodora?

Foodora runs a restaurant delivery service using its mobile app, equipped with a user-friendly interface for simplified ordering. You can use a search bar to find a specific place or dish. Its couriers can bring items to your doorstep/office location. The process usually takes half an hour.

Hundreds of franchising & local restaurants have partnered with the Foodora app, serving cuisines for every taste. It’s available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, & Hungary.

You can try Foodora Market, where hundreds of foodstuffs or household items from local stores find their place. If it’s a specific place you’re looking for, check the ‘Shops’ section on the homepage of the Foodora app.

Want a discount on orders? Invite your friends! When they complete an account, you will receive a money-worth award. You can make an invite using the link or QR code. The more friends you invite to its community, the more awards you will obtain!

What is Foodora in terms of community service? They have a rating system, asking for your feedback when the order is complete. You can visit Help Corner with Q&As regarding payment, privacy measures, work ethics, etc. You can also make a support request and receive a reply.

Foodora showcases current trends of digitization in the food service industry, providing a bridge between restaurants and customers seeking peace of mind when it comes to their dining and grocery shopping. Now, what is Foodora signup like? Let’s found out.

Foodpanda app

How to Create a Foodora Account?

The account registration takes minimum effort, with an email, and first & last name needed to complete. You can optionally set up a password. When you finish your account, they will request a mobile number for verification purposes. 

Foodora follows the General Data Protection Regulation Act of the EU, ensuring high standards for processing user information. When you create Foodora account, your information ends up in a safe and remote database.

Despite all protection measures, its security is not ideal. The data leak of 750,000 users in 2016 confirms it. Although a lot of time has passed since then and their protection may have improved, it is still wise to keep your data if possible.

How to Get a Phone Number for Foodora

One option to keep your number safe when you create Foodora account is to use a fake number. It doesn’t need a SIM card or personal details, allowing no one to find you by this number. You can also make use of them if you don’t live in a supported country but still need an account.

How is that possible? They’re sold online by numerous vendors, the leading of which is SMS-Man. This service supports the numbers of 150+ countries that you can use for safety purposes, including Foodora login verification. Foodora will not suspect anything, nor will it block you.

On top of that, you won’t need a lot of money for an SMS-Man’s virtual phone number. You can feel fine with a mere 1$ on your balance because this is enough to buy a phone number for Foodora. This is much cheaper than a SIM card, not to mention safer for your privacy. These phon number match European laws, meaning that you won’t have problems buying or using them. They’re sold across the continent and outside, and the government doesn’t block websites that offer them.

The only catch is that they cannot make and accept calls or send SMS messages. Verify a fake phone number for Foodora and use the app fully, but no additional capabilities are included.

virtual phone number from sms man

Interested in a phone number? If the answer is yes, please check the guide that SMS-Man has prepared for you:

  1. Register on using your social media account or e-mail.
  2. Recharge your balance via the “top up my balance” option.
  3. Select one of the countries and “Foodora” app, then press “Buy SMS”.
  4. Find the virtual phone number in the “History” section and copy it.
  5. Use it in the process of registering a new account.
  6. Then go back to SMS-Man and click on the “Get SMS” button.
  7. Finish logging in to the Foodora system.

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