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Can I Create a Huya Account Outside of China?

Huya Account Outside of China

First of all, what is Huya Live? It’s a Chinese live-streaming service similar to Twitch. It focuses on games, particularly e-sports. The registration is free, and streamers even receive revenue from running streams. A large portion of the entertainment is e-sports streams from professional Chinese leagues.

Huya isn’t meant for use outside of China, but any person can download the app and create an account. It’s complicated, and there are multiple important nuances you should understand before trying to register. You can register on Huya outside of China, but it’ll require a phone number.

what is Huya Live

Benefits of the Huya Live

Using Huya in China offers the main source of Chinese professional e-sports streams. Huya lets you see what Chinese gamers are like, it’s the perfect place to observe them.

Benefits of the Huya Live

Additionally, it offers several advantages to its users:

  • Worldwide availability
  • Ease of downloading and registration
  • A separate international platform
  • Abundance of sorting mechanisms

Nimo is a separate platform, marketed as the international version of Nimo. However, it has a different design, Nimo accounts aren’t interchangeable with Huya accounts, and Chinese users are scarce on Nimo. As such, it’s a wholly detached app with the same owner, Tencent, and tech.

The Huya app is notable for its old-fashioned design and navigation, by Western standards. Still, it’s incredibly popular with the Chinese audience. The platform is excellent for learning Chinese, and watching China-exclusive games and professional leagues from the country. There are plenty of reasons to join.

Registration on Huya Live

What is Huya registration process like? Whatever your reason to join, you’ll have to create an account on Huya in order to enjoy the experience. You don’t have to attach many personal details—the sole notable exception is the phone number. Most countries are admitted. In some, Huya is banned, so look out for that. 

The app demands a phone number as part of its identity verification procedure. But what is Huya doing with your number? 

They send the verification code to the specified number, the usual verification method. The alleged reason is security, but it’s mostly to deter people from creating duplicate accounts. Still, the company collects enough info from this piece of info for their data banks, and it’s never good.

Refusing to provide a number won’t deteriorate the experience—this data isn’t integral to the Huya functionality. It brings certain disadvantages, however, as China isn’t known for respecting data privacy. Creating an anonymous Huya account is a good choice if you ever feel like getting the app.

It’s even more of a reason to use a fake number if Huya is banned in your country (India, for instance) or for using Huya in China. To avoid unnecessary complications, you can get a virtual number and create an account this way. As a result, you won’t provide personal information and keep your inbox clean.

Virtual Phone Number for Huya

Virtual numbers are exactly what they sound like. They mimic regular phone numbers in everything and can be purchased online. The prices are much lower than you’d need for a SIM card, but the virtual numbers are just as effective. They are excellent for creating anonymous accounts in places like Huya.

They are purchased from specialized vendors, like SMS-man. The numbers here offer the SMS functionality but offer no calling feature. It creates an ideal solution for online registration procedures, as they can receive the verification messages without raising suspicion and for very little cost.

As such, SMS-man offers two types of products. One is a one-time virtual message, enough to create a functional account. The other is a full-time virtual number with unlimited messages. The latter can be rented for up to 4 months, but the cost is slightly higher compared to the extreme cheapness of the former.

virtual phone number for huya live

To sign up for Huya using a virtual message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Register or enter using Google+.
  3. Deposit money via the ‘top up’ feature.
  4. Pick the service and country to buy a virtual SMS.
  5. Find the purchased number in your profile, copy it.
  6. Use the number during registration.
  7. At the verification stage, return to SMS-man and press ‘receive SMS’ near your number.
  8. Use the received code to complete the Huya account.

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