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Bypass Samsung account verification without phone number

Bypass Samsung account verification without phone number

Have you lost your Samsung account credentials and your phone is locked after a reset? And you want to Bypass your Samsung account? It’s because of the new FRP reset protection features. We’ve shared the FRP bypass method below. As new versions of Android are released, Google is adding some new security features to protect your device data. Google and Samsung are some of the world’s biggest brands. That’s why they are very concerned about the security of their customers’ data.

How to bypass a Samsung account

Samsung’s FRP feature is available on newer phones. But it can be a problem. Think about it, if you reset your phone to factory settings, Google will ask you to log in to your Gmail account to open your phone. If you’ve forgotten your Gmail account password, you may not be able to use your phone and won’t be able to open it. But now you can bypass your Samsung account using the methods described below. Using the following steps, you can easily bypass Samsung FRP on your phone.


Bypass using OTG cable

Requirements for to bass samsung FRP account:
– OTG cable for your Samsung smartphone.
– PC or laptop.This method works 100% fine and bypasses FRP on all Samsung devices. After the following steps, you will be able to bypass the reset protection on your Samsung device.
1. First of all, you need to download Bypass FRP apk.
2. Copy the downloaded apk file to USB.
3. Connect the USB to your phone using OTG cable.
4. The file manager will now appear and then the app will be installed when connected.
5. Now go to phone settings, find and tap “Backup and reset”.
6. Tap Reset to factory settings and delete all your data on your phone. It will clear all your data such as music, videos, pictures, apps, data, Google account.
7. Done! Your phone will now reboot (reset). It may take some time to load. Don’t worry, after startup everything will be fine

Bypass Samsung FRP using SideSync app

This is the second method you can use to bypass your Google Samsung account. In it, you have to use your computer instead of the OTG cable. This is also simple.
1. First of all, download the SideSync app.
2. Once downloaded, install the app on your phone.
3. Launch the SideSync application and connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable.
4. Once connected, you will see a popup like the image below.
5. Download Bypass FRP Apk.
6. After downloading the app, press the “Back” button and go to Samsung Apps.
7. You will be prompted to install SideSync. But ignore it and look for Explorer and install any explorer.
8. Once installed successfully, open Explorer and navigate to the download folder.
9. Click on bypass app.apk install it.
10. Now go to your phone settings and tap Backup and reset.
11. Click on Factory Data Reset and delete all your device data.

Create a new Samsung account using a virtual phone number.

To do this you need to go to the website and buy a virtual number, or get one for free. When registering a new account, you must enter a virtual number. Then you need to enter confirmation code, which will come to the site. Registration is successfully completed. With such numbers you can make new accounts on any services.

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So, friends, these were three simple ways to bypass Samsung account. All of them are used by me and work without fail.

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