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How to create a new Lyft account without phone number.

how to create without phone number

Recently, there are more and more new words, the meanings of which are not known to everyone. For example, the word “ridesharing. The idea behind this movement is that in order to save fuel and money, people can unite for long journeys, while adding up for gasoline. There are many services that provide such services, Lyft being one of them. In this article, you can learn more about the Lyft service, and we will also tell you about the way to sign up for Lyft without a phone number.


A new way to travel

Lyft is a cab aggregator that allows you to find, with the help of various services (Internet or mobile application), drivers who cooperate with the service and are ready to give a ride for a reasonable fee. The company’s market operation, is intensively competitive and characterized by rapid changes in technology, changing customer needs and frequent introduction of new services and offers. Lyft was founded in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California.
Thanks to the World Wide Web and GPS-technology it is not difficult to find hitchhikers now, but you should not forget about the precautions and nuances of this service.

The point of traveling together.

– The driver fills out a questionnaire at a specialized service and posts an ad about his trip.
– Passengers find the trip, contact the driver and discuss the details.
– Companions travel together along a certain route.
– The driver saves on fuel, passengers get more comfort than on a bus or train.

Disadvantages of carpooling

Although carpooling itself is designed for the convenience and benefit of passengers, it has some disadvantages:

  • In some cases, the driver must pick up hitchhikers by directly picking up each one. In this way, the travel time increases.
  • Passengers may not like the car owner’s driving style – too slow or too fast. The driver may also be irritated by excessive talkativeness of fellow passengers, their slovenliness or lack of tact.
  • Using raidesharing, do not forget that you may have dishonest people in the company. Unfortunately, no one is immune to this. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people on websites with a lot of reviews, so if a person has doubts, you can just choose a companion with a high rating and a lot of reviews.

Registration on Lyft service

Not all users want to disclose their personal data when creating a new account on various services. In this case you can use a virtual number when registering. In addition, it will help to avoid spam. To do this you can use sites that provide virtual number services. For example, the service Sms-man, there you can buy a number for registration on Lyft from 0.33$ or you can get a number for free in the Telegram channel.
First, we need to top up your balance. Go to the payment section. Here you can see a variety of payment methods. Choose the one which suits you and top up your balance. Then we go to the main page of the site. Choose a country, you can use the “quick search”, then choose the service we need – Lyft. Press the “Buy” button, the phone number will appear in the history of purchases on the site. After sending the activation code to the number, go to the main page of the site and click on “Get code” The activation code will appear next to the virtual number. Copy the code and paste it into the registration field. Congratulations, you have registered with a virtual number to receive sms.


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