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How to create new Locanto account without mobile number

Locanto register

Locanto registration is the right way to access one of the biggest platforms for placing ads. It may be useful for both buyers and sellers. So it is a powerful promoting tool for both sides. But some people can’t use this due to the lack of mobile phone number that is allowed on this app. Read our article to find out how to create a new account on this website without using it thanks to SMS-Man.

Locanto app has all the necessary services in one place

Locanto app was launched in 2006 with a local classifieds site for New York City with a subsequent appearance in many countries of the world. Since 2010 this service has become available for mobile web users with both searching classified ads as well as posting free ad is options. In the next few years, the platform has also presented mobile apps for both Android and iOS OC.


At this moment Locanto is a worldwide network with areas dedicated to:

  • Jobs;
  • Personals; 
  • Rental services;
  • Sale services;
  • Community;
  • Real estate;
  • Vehicles;
  • Pets.

Also in regards to the internet safety management of the app have established an independent blog on Safer Trading. Through it, experts share with users safety tips for online trading.

Is it possible to pass Locanto registration without phone number?

You can create an account on this platform by filling in and submitting a simple registration form. But registration is the only thing that is possible without a phone number in the case of Locanto. Like other similar websites, it requires users to verify their phone numbers to access all the features including placing ads.


So, basically, it is possible to complete Locanto registration without phone number, though it doesn’t make much sense. Especially when there are virtual phone numbers for Locanto available on SMS-Man.

How to buy a virtual phone number for Locanto account login?

You don’t need to purchase an expensive SIM card in order to sign up and take advantage of Locanto. SMS-Man provides cheap virtual phone numbers that can be used to bypass Locanto account login easily. Here is how anyone can access such a feature:

1. Sign up for an account on the main page of our website.


2. Open the payment tab and use one from the presented options to replenish the balance.


3. Switch back to the main page and choose parameters for a phone number that are presented by country dialing code along with the app to receive verification code from.


4. Click the buy button.
5. Find the received phone number at the top of the page or on request history in the profile.

You can freely use it to sign up or confirm your identity on the Locanto app. Once the verification code is sent, click the get SMS button and check the text message. Enter it on the application to activate the mobile phone number and access all the features.

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