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Best Dating Apps to Connect with People in 2022

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The importance of quality time with people you see eye to eye with has never been as crucial as it is these days. Who could have thought that we would be locked in our houses for so long? This definitely takes dating to a new level.

Meeting people online and spending hours connecting with the like-minded is just what everybody needs during these unprecedented times of coronavirus quarantine. For this reason, check out the best dating apps in 2022 to have fun, find your match, and even fall in love with a perfect partner.

How Do Dating Apps Work?

Getting matched with people based on some algorithm doesn’t scare users away any longer, as we’re living in the era of Big Data being analyzed, everything is personalized and customized to meet user’s peculiar needs. Online dating hasn’t become an exception.

Basically, one creates an account, goes through some set of questions, then the matching algorithm does its job and voila – one finds what they have been looking for (whether it was a friend, a date to have fun with, or a soulmate for long-lasting relationships). The rest depends on the app; one can plunge into messaging in chats, send photos, and just keep connecting with the like-minded.

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Why Do People Use Dating Apps?

The reasons for using dating apps are endless. Some people are looking for a person who will share their interests and hobbies. Some find such apps a great means to break the records and meet awesome people in any part of the world. Others just feel lonely and bored after a break-up or sitting stuck at home during a coronavirus quarantine, having nothing else to do but for connecting with new and exciting people. However, there is one thing that is the same behind all these reasons – the need to communicate and have a good time.

How Many People Use Dating Apps?

Did you know that in 2021 there were 30.4 million users of dating apps in the USA? And it is predicted to be only increasing. What is more, you’ll probably be surprised when we tell you that the age group of those using dating apps isn’t just the young ones – users aged 18 to 65+ enjoy connecting online, as love conquers all. Still, the majority of adults using apps for dating are aged 18-44. However, it doesn’t mean that those aged 65+ don’t enjoy online dating; it’s just they prefer website versions more.

What Are The Best Rated Dating Apps?

All being stated, in the ranking below, we have singled out the best dating apps for relationships in 2022, so you can find the app that will be right up your street. We have outlined the main benefits and drawbacks of each app, their peculiarities as well as pricing plans.

1. Tinder

Tinder App — It’s already 2022, and Tinder still remains one of the most popular places to meet new people. And it is for a reason, by claiming to arrange near 26 million matches per day, this application definitely will help one find a match wherever they go.


  1. User friendly interface, and simple design.
  2. No unsolicited messages, as a person can only text you if you are as well interested in them.
  3. An enormous database of people to date, and a wide range of matches nearby.
  4. If you’re logged with Facebook, the algorithm will take this into account by matching you with more compatible companions, using mutual friends’ function.


  • For those looking for long-term relationships, Tinder might be a bit of a challenge, as many users claim it is mostly about casual dating.
  • Sometimes there isn’t enough info about your matches; you only see a name, the age, and a phrase of 2-3 words.
  • It’s available on phones only, with no access to tablets or laptops.
  • It will also involve the use your phone number to create new Tinder account.

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2. Grindr

Grindr App — Whether you’re looking for a bi, gay, or trans partner – it is a perfect place to go for it. Love has no bounds, and today Grindr is one of the biggest LGBTQ social media and dating sites, as well as one of the most popular apps to find love, a hookup, or make new friends.



  1. An opportunity of a quick sign-up with your Facebook profile.
  2. An easy-to-use interface with a convenient chatting space.
  3. If something goes wrong, there is an ability to block or report accounts.
  4. Some users claim it is both a pro and a con – there are so many men on Grindr. It is both a huge advantage, as well as a disadvantage, as it is difficult to choose someone.
  5. You can definitely find the like-minded, no matter the kinks you may have.


  • It is anonymous, so it may feel like you need to be more cautious.

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3. Bumble

Bumble App — Though it may seem like Tinder at first, there’s one peculiarity that makes Bumble stand out. When opposite genders match, it’s a woman who needs to make the first step. In other words, women get to start messaging, so one can enjoy the initiative.



  1. A woman doesn’t have to deal with an overwhelmingly huge amount of messages, as they are the ones to initiate a conversation.
  2. In case you are of the same gender, you can both start a conversation.
  3. There is a quick and concise profile setting up process.
  4. The gender demographics are pretty equal.
  5. It is easy to use video calls within the app.


  • As it is a pro, it can also be a con – men cannot send the first message.
  • There is a limited amount of time given to a woman to react to her match – 24 hours only.
  • The matching algorithm is quite superficial, mostly taking into account age, gender, and location.

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4. Hinge

Hinge App — While, to some extent, it may be compared to Tinder, Hinge stands out with a more profound matching algorithm. Its primary focus is to find a match among friends of a friend of a friend, this, in fact, truly enhances compatibility. Plus, these apps are more relationships-oriented.

hinge app


  1. A well-crafted functionality that enables higher chances of compatible matches for meaningful relationships.
  2. Profiles are stylish, as someone put it ‘It’s like Instagram for dating.’
  3. There is considerable interaction with the profile info (photos, videos, facts) that helps to get to know the person rather than just focus on appearance.
  4. By using Facebook data, it matches you with compatible partners; you may have mutual friends with.


  • The dating pool can be considered a bit small, so you will see the same matches sometimes.
  • Free trial only for several days.

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5. MeetMe

MeetMe App — Even though this app was caught having tons of fake accounts and bots, it still remains popular as it offers an amazing live stream opportunity. This app incorporates the elements of social media blended with online dating.



  1. An opportunity to socialize first, share your life with others, find the like-minded, and in the long run, take relationships to the next level.
  2. There’s a wide range of sections to include in your profile: your background, things you’re into, and even going into real details what your perfect date should look like.
  3. One can enjoy lots of games to get to know each other, so it’s truly fun.
  4. Going live and watching live streams of other members.
  5. The signing up process is truly quick.


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6. Happn

Happn App — It’s like a movie come true. Have you been bumping into the same person on the subway, or in your favorite coffee shop, but was too shy to start a conversation? With Happn you can get matched with people who were or are near you.

happn app


  1. Easy to use functionality, with the ability to hook up your Instagram or Facebook account, so that all your photos will be automatically uploaded to Happn as well.
  2. With GPS, it matches you with potential partners within your area.
  3. You choose whether you want to contact a person by tapping the Heart on their account. Otherwise, they won’t be able to text you.
  4. The privacy policy is very strict, and your location is never displayed to anybody in real-time.


  • Generally, people are matched by taking into consideration their proximity to each other.
  • Not a good choice for small towns.
  • Despite strict privacy policy, some concerns about your safety may sometimes arise.

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