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Signal vs Telegram: what is better?


For a long time, Telegram was considered the safest messenger, but competition is growing, and many people are switching to the more secure Signal. Let’s look at the differences between the two applications. Signal vs Telegram: what is better?

Features of Telegram

Telegram is a free messenger that is also suitable for companies and startups thanks to its wide range of features. Users can use it to send data packets of up to 1.5 GB in size via cloud storage.

  • Functions: In addition to the obligatory chat function, you can record audio and video messages in the app. It is also possible to make voice and video calls and send large amounts of data in the form of documents, images, graphs or videos.
  • Group chats: Unusually and unusually, Telegram users can chat with up to 1000 other people in a single group.
  • Data storage: Telegram stores all uploaded files in the cloud. This allows information to be used on any device on which the app is installed. However, this technology has a weakness: it turns out that the service stores all the content on its servers. However, after some time, the data is automatically deleted.
  • Encryption: Telegram messages are encrypted. “Normal” cloud chats have client-server/server-client encryption. On the other hand, so-called “secret chats” are encrypted end-to-end, and contacts stored on your smartphone are not read by Telegram. However, you need to activate this secret mode first.
  • Requirements: You cannot register with Telegram without a phone number. It does not matter whether the number given is mobile or landline.
  • Availability: Telegram can be used both on smartphones and as a desktop version on a laptop or computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux). The free app is available for Android and iOS.

Why Signal is interesting

The free Signal messenger is based on open source code. This means that the code used is publicly available and can be changed if necessary. The program has famous supporters: Edward Snowden, in his own words, uses Signal every day. However, the program is not popular among ordinary users – it is mainly used by programmers and people who work in the IT sphere.

  • Features: Signal offers all the popular messenger features, from text and voice messaging to audio and video calling. You can also use this app to send files, such as documents, photos, or videos. There is no cloud storage like Telegram.
  • Storage: Signal reads the contacts stored on your smartphone. However, contacts are only used in the app, not stored on the messenger’s servers.
  • Encryption: All communication over Signal is protected by end-to-end encryption. Thus, only parties present in the chat can decrypt (i.e. read) the messages sent. Phone calls here are wiretap-proof: this works thanks to a unique security number that is assigned to each conversation, whether chat or call. Consequently, Signal is suitable for conversations whose content is not intended for other people’s ears.
  • Requirements: to use Signal, you have to specify the phone number of the device you can receive messages to – the registration is verified by SMS.
  • Availability: Signal can be used as an app for Android smartphones (version 4.4 and higher) and iOS, and as a desktop version on laptops and computers.

Which messenger to choose?

Each messenger has its own advantages and pluses, in this case there is no ideal choice that would satisfy all needs simultaneously. It is worth choosing for yourself which one is right for you. Also, do not forget that none of the services can provide complete anonymity on the Internet. But you can improve this level by using a VPN and virtual numbers for accounts.

How to increase anonymity on the Internet using virtual phone numbers

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