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Why do you need to use virtual number?

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A virtual phone number – is a regular phone number with many additional benefits. People often confuse virtual number with SMS verification service when they want to register a second account. In this article we’ll talk about both virtual numbers themselves and SMS verification services.

Features of virtual numbers
  • A number has many lines. If a company has a regular phone number connected, it can only receive one call at a time. In the case of a virtual number, the number of incoming calls is unlimited. As a result, the company is easy to reach at the first time, and no customer hears a busy signal.
  • The number is not linked to a company address. The virtual number is in no way linked to the company address or the subscriber’s location.
  • Connecting a number in 15 minutes. You don’t need to install telephone wires, buy special equipment or call a technician to connect your corporate number. To communicate using virtual numbers, you need internet and a device to make calls (analogue, mobile or special IP phone, PC or laptop).

These are the 3 key features of a virtual number. In fact, a virtual number has even more advantages.

Why do you need a service that provides SMS verification numbers?
  • For registering on a variety of Internet portals, social networks and online shopping. Create as many accounts as you like without fear of spam or fraud.
  • For business. Savings on communications are especially interesting for companies that do business in other cities and regions.
  • For lovers of “freebies“. Paid music, gaming and film sites often offer a trial monthly subscription. Using different mobile numbers, the subscription can be renewed indefinitely.
Our service of sms receiving

If you need a phone number to register a new account or if you simply want to remain anonymous and stop receiving spam to your main phone number, you can use our handy service. Quick and easy instructions:

  1. First of all you need to register on our service, when registering please give the email address you have access to, this is necessary to confirm your account
  2. Top up your balance on the Payment tab
  3. Select the country and service for which you wish to receive sms (To view all countries and services, press the buttons: Show all countries, Show all services)

Why do you need to use virtual number?

Once you have chosen a number and service, our service give you a phone number to register/verify. Enter this number, go back to our website and click get sms button. Once the sms comes you will see a code to confirm under the number. (See screenshot above). Done! You can also get a free number for verification in our Telegram сhannel.

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