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How to get Hong Kong phone number for SMS

Gonk Kong

In this article, we will take a detailed look at such questions as: why do you even need Hong Kong phone numbers?

Why do I need a Hong Kong phone number and what to do with it?

Since recently, almost all online services (services like gmail, wechat, facebook etc.) for user authentication and authorization on their platforms require not only confirmation by email but also by phone number with a verification code. Often, to sign up for a foreign service like Chinese WeChat, you will need a Chinese phone number. It is unlikely that you have a Chinese phone number and that is where special online virtual number rental services can help you.

Suppose you need multiple phone numbers in Hong Kong to get activation codes on them. In that case, you should most likely use a virtual number rental service.

The relevance and usefulness of hong kong phone number

Online virtual number rental services have appeared relatively recently, but have already become extremely popular around the world. The advantages of such services are obvious – a virtual number is very convenient, its purchase will be cheap, and the owner of the number gets anonymity. The service of receiving the activation code by SMS is automated and does not require excessive efforts from you. A virtual SIM card has the same functionality as a physical one – it also accepts SMS and can be used to make calls. All of the world’s mobile operators sell virtual SIM cards.

Service for temporary Hong Kong virtual phone numbers 

Firstly, virtual number rental services provide the opportunity to register a fake or temporary account for a service on the Internet. Leased phone numbers are used to verify accounts at services where SMS confirmation code is used for authentication. Because the number is not associated with its owner, the user remains anonymous. There are many different platforms for selling and renting Hong Kong phone numbers on the internet. The author of the article recommends you to visit I find this service the best because:

  • it’s extremely useful
    You can use Hong Kong numbers to create temporery accounts in social networks, online stores, etc.
    sms-man services
  • Prices for Hong Kong virtual numbers are low.
    You can top up your online wallet for $1 or $5 and use it to sign up for more than 10 different sites. In case something goes wrong and you can’t register, you’ll always get your money back.
  • At there are more than 10 ways to top up your balance.
    Sms man has the fastest payment shipping. Try itsms-man payment options

How do I get a Hong Kong virtual number on sms-man?

  1. Go to the sms-man web-site and create your account.
    virtual numbers on SMS-man
  2. Top up your balance by a few dollars, depending on how many sms you expect to receive.
    sms-man payment tutorial
  3. Choose Hong Kong to receive text messages online from Hong Kong or some other place whose number you need.
    services on SMS-man
  4. Hong Kong SMS activation code will appear at the top of the site. In case your sms does not come, you will need to click “reject number”. This will save your money balance. In case something goes wrong, contact the technical support of the site for help.
    sms-man tutorial

If you need to get many numbers at once, use the service’s special software. This will give you the opportunity to receive sms with confirmation codes in the amount of up to ten thousand.

sms-man download desktop appSMS activation provides flexible use of virtual numbers in a variety of environments, without the need to keep physical SIM cards.

I am strongly against using fake virtual numbers on your main accounts in services that are important to you, as this can cause you to lose ownership of the account.

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