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What is SMM marketing and how to make money from it?


SMM is an acronym that stands for Social Media Manager.

I think many people have heard about this kind of earnings such as SMM-marketing but never took interest in it seriously. So today I will tell you what it is and how it is possible to make a lot of money.

SMM is a set of actions to promote something in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many others.

Specialists in SMM-marketing promote different businesses, brands, companies, commercial accounts.

Here is what is included in this set of promotional activities:

  • competent text writing for sales posts
  • Complete content management on the account (posts, videos, stories)
  • targeting advertising
  • creating an attractive design
  • This is just a small part of everything that goes into it, but there is a foundation.

Targeted advertising is advertising that targets an audience with specific interests based on their search queries. We see these ads on any social network: they are usually displayed on the side of the page. These ads have more value in the promotion of certain projects.

The main purpose of SMM

The main purpose of SMM-promotion is to attract customers or audiences for rapid growth, business recognition and sales augmentation through certain social networks.

Owners of big businesses have relatively recently realized that through the Internet, you can promote anything and everything and have actively started using the services of SMM-managers. Nowadays, the overwhelming number of transactions and different purchases are made exclusively through the internet. To competently promote their goods and services need a competent strategy, and that’s what SMM-managers do.

What do they want from SMM specialist and what services can he render:

  • Increase in income through new sales
  • Proper distribution of information, thereby increasing the fame of the company
  • Involving the interested audience and support the interest in the product of this audience.

SMM promotional strategies

The strategy followed by the specialist is as follows:

  • Choosing a particular social network for effective promotion, depending on the prevailing audience in the age segment (for example, in a social network such as “Odnoklassniki” the dominant audience of 35+, so it is necessary to promote products or services that could be of interest to this audience)
  • Writing competent schedule posts and any other content (for example, if you put the post at 01:00, the post is unlikely to gain large coverage, so it is better to put the posts at a time when people are free from business. Usually it’s lunchtime or evening)
  • Setting deadlines for work
  • Researching the market and possible competitors

With the current state of the world, more and more people realize that they need to start their own business and develop it as much as possible. Therefore, SMM managers are very much in demand. If you become a guru in this niche, you can easily open your own agency for commercial promotion, so go ahead and do not be afraid to try something new. Advanced specialists can get from 100 thousand a month to 500 thousand rubles.

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