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Snapchat filters: How to create and use your own filter


The social network Snapchat is based on the use of images. That is why Snapchat filters, in particular the use of not ready-made, but the creation of your own filters attracts many users of the social network. Standard filters are already built into the interface of the social network and are regularly changed. But everyone can create their own beautiful filters in Snapchat and use them to create a unique image.

The best filters in Snapchat and how to use them

Лучшие фильтры в Снапчате и как их использовать

The cool filters in Snapchat should not be underestimated. You can use them to promote your business, advertise your products, create special offers or promotional products.

There are two types of filters on the social network: regular filters and geofilters, but for simplicity, both products are commonly referred to as just filters.

Обычные и геофильтры в Снапчат

Users who want to create their own cool filters in Snapchat will benefit from a few tips:

  1. Using on-demand filters will allow the user to create their own product, and set the desired date, time and place for it.
  2. You can also create filters as an individual, such as for anniversaries or personal holidays.
  3. Individual geofilters are paid, but they are inexpensive. They can be active from 1 to 30 days, and the user will be able to determine the geographic area of coverage on their own. The cost of the product depends on it, but the best Snapchat filters will really help to attract the maximum number of users.

Индивидуальные геофильтры Снапчат

Certain differences exist for creating filters for individuals and companies. Individual users cannot use company logos or branding. Snapchat filters for companies must have the name of the company, and the products created will then be subject to the usual copyright restrictions.

Snapchat filters: step-by-step instructions for creating them

Снапчат фильтры: пошаговая инструкция по созданию

Before the 2017 update, users had difficulty creating personal filters, but now the app has all the tools to create them.

First of all, it is necessary to register in the social network. If the user does not want to use a personal phone number, he can buy a virtual phone number for Snapchat from the service “SMS-man” and register in the system using it.

Individual Snapchat filters are created as follows:

Open the home page, go to settings and set a geofilter on demand.
In the drop-down list, select the appropriate category. This can be anything from a female Snapchat filter to a category dedicated to holidays.
If necessary, you can make adjustments to the template using the tools on the right side of the screen. You can also change colors or add text here.
Click the “Next” button and set the time and date the filter will run and the period it will be in effect.
After that, set the geographic scope of the filter. To do this, use your fingers to draw the desired area on the map.

Фильтр на карте

At the end of the job, all that remains is to give the unique filter a name and fill out the contact information for approval. When the filter is approved, the user needs to make a payment for the product to take effect.


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