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Useful Chrome Extensions and Plugins for Advertisement

When you start advertising in the Internet, there are lots of troubles you have to solve. If you won’t do that – you won’t earn money.

I will give you list of very useful Chrome Extensions that I use daily to have good ROI and CTR without spending years on making easy steps to avoid ban or deal with Facebook.

Useful plugins for Google Chrome

Facebook Pixel Helper — an extension that shows whether the FB pixel is installed correctly on the landing page and what events are involved in it.

Window Resizer — checks the adaptability of the landing page. It is important if you work with mobile devices.

Word Count — counts the number of characters without spaces in the selected text fragment.

Fontface Ninja — determines the font on the site and offers a source for downloading.

Social Video Downloader and SaveFrom — extensions for quickly downloading videos from social networks.

Turbo Ad Finder — an extension for Chrome that leaves only advertising entries in the feed.

eBoost Ad Spy — an extension for Chrome that shows which ads on Facebook a website uses.

TrafficRobot — generates one-time emails. It is paired with a bot in the Telegram @trafficRobot, where incoming messages come.

WOT: Web of Trust — assessment of the reputation of sites, shows the reputation of the domain and the security of the site. — A selection of music that is not blocked on Facebook due to copyright.

UTM Tag Generator

A tag generator for tracking links.

NameCheap — Cheap domains in the .space zone, .xyz, .site, .pro.

Thispersondoesnotexist — a photo generator for selfies to confirm your Facebook account.

Photoscissors — an online editor that quickly removes the background from the image.

Emojis for advertising —

A complete database of emoticons for Facebook ads.

A list of countries and their two-character codes:

Information on geo, flags and masks of telephone codes.

Google vision — determines what is in the picture from the point of view of artificial intelligence.

Promo image resizer — contains all the sizes of Facebook ads and quickly cuts the image to the desired size.

Ezgif — fast video to gif conversion.

Deepart — creates art based on photos and artistic images.

The most popular video editors

It is known that video ads are mor convertible than photo and GIF ads. So I will give you list of useful video editors:

  • Adobe Premier CC 2019;
  • Camtasia;
  • Vegas Movie Studio;
  • Filmora 9.

Popular online photo editors with a standard set of functions

  • Pixlr X;
  • Pizap;
  • Fotostars;

Free photo stocks for finding unique photos

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Quick links for working with Facebook

My speciality is working with Facebook advertising system, so I have to give you info about the most wanted guides that every ads manager wanted to have in the beginning of his way: – A large number of life hacks for working with Facebook – Shows whether the domain is banned in the Facebook system. — shows the reason for the ban of your advertising cabinet. — checks whether the amount of text on the creative is allowed. — The form is suitable if you do not have a “contact us”button when using the cabinet. — Link to create a second business manager. Learn more about working with Business Manager: — If the payment confirmation form is not working, you can create a ticket here.

Forced debiting of billing should be done via link of the type: account&business_id=BM_ID

To pay manually, add your account number and business manager to the link.

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