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Earning on Android

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If you’re the lucky owner of an Android smartphone and want to know how to earning with your gadget, read the rest of this article. Not only will you find out what apps are available to make money on Android, but you’ll also find out how they work. As a bonus, we’ll tell you how much you can earn in the operating system from Google with absolutely no investment, having only a phone!

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Earning apps for Android

In 2021, around 90% of mobile phones will have Android pre-installed. Therefore, a huge number of people with a smartphone are interested in earning a mobile income. However, not everyone knows that you only need 3 things to earn extra income:

  1. A smartphone;
  2. Internet access;
  3. Programs for making money on Android.

Looking ahead, it’s easy enough to make money with an Android mobile phone (although this is not the subject of this article, let’s make it clear that the situation with iOS is similar). For this purpose industrious programmers “have riveted” a bunch of different types of programs. Conventionally, we can distinguish several types of mobile earnings:

  • Downloading and installing games and applications on your phone. Go to Google Play and select the desired product. For the installation of each application you will receive a reward to your e-wallet or mobile account;
  • Advertising. Effective and the easiest way to earn money. You just need to watch short ads that will appear on the screen of your gadget from time to time;
  • input “captcha”. It is also a popular way. You unravel the encrypted words and get money for it;
  • tasks of advertisers. A broad class of tasks that can generate income. This includes video views, social networking activity and even offline tasks.

So, you’ve decided to download an app to make money on Android. The question immediately arises: how to choose the right program in the ocean of software called Google Play? Here’s our top earning apps for Android.


You should start earning money online on your Android phone with this app for the following reasons:

  1. You can earn quickly and without investment;
  2. Many different tasks;
  3. A simple and enjoyable interface that everyone can understand.

With the help of AdCoin, you can earn in the following ways:

  • completing simple tasks;
  • watching ads;
  • filling in questionnaires;
  • Inviting friends (affiliate program);
  • contests/tests.


An increasingly popular service from the Russian IT giant. Available earnings without investment for the masses with or without any experience of such work. Choose an online or offline task and complete it.

The main distinguishing feature of the service is the availability of tasks for walkers. You choose an organisation, take a picture of it, indicate its opening hours and mark the entrances/exits to the buildings.

Toloka is distinguished by the methods of withdrawal of the earned money. Among the supported payment systems: PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and even UMoneu.

We should add that you can earn with this service not only from Russia, but also from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries.


Simple tasks that both schoolchildren and pensioners can do. The former will be happy to be able to download money making games for Android. The second – the simplicity of the work.

Among the tasks – installing certain applications, filling out questionnaires, commenting and leaving feedback, affiliate program.

Appbonus is an application for making money on Android with the withdrawal not only to the mobile account, but also to various electronic wallets. What is especially nice is that the withdrawal of the earned money is very fast.


Already quite a popular service with good reviews and a wide range of withdrawal options. Work for a few minutes a day. You make a few clicks and watch short videos.

IPweb Surf

The service is renowned for its daily job updates, which are in the thousands:

  • link clicks and internet browsing;
  • social networking activities;
  • reading promotional emails;
  • registration of accounts, commenting on posts and voting for products.

Withdrawal is possible after accumulation of 3 roubles. Among supported payment systems: webmoney, qiwi, yumoney, visa, mastercard, sim cards of Russian operators, etc.

Earning bitcoins on Android

Mobile apps even allow you to earn cryptocurrency directly! Install special programs, so-called “bitcoin cranes” and perform tasks. The only difference of such services is the way of payment for the performed tasks – the payment of the actual cryptocurrency to your bitcoin wallet. The tasks are the same: watching ads, videos, entering captcha, etc.

Earning money in Android apps without investing: how much money?

As promised, here are the rates. How much money you can make through your Android phone depends on two factors: the method you choose and the time you spend. The figures below are an average and may differ from one app to another:

  • games downloading – 0.5-0.7$;
  • review/evaluation – 0.3-0.5$;
  • adverts viewing – from 0,05$;
  • video playback – from 0,1$
  • solving captchas – from 0,01$;
  • Completing tasks – from a 3$, depending on complexity.

We should add that even the laziest of them earn enough money to pay for mobile phone services and for minor expenses will remain.

The year 2021 offers anyone a wide range of opportunities for financial stability. Earning money with apps for your phone is a great way to make money without burdening yourself with office commitments or physical exertion. The best earning apps for Android can help you make a reliable extra income and feel confident in our changing world.

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