How to create Uber Driver account without a phone number
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How to create Uber Driver account without a phone number

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Applications for calling a taxi replaced traditional order methods long ago. And it is not surprising, since using an app is much cheaper and more convenient. One of the most famous online taxi services in Russia is Uber. Due to numerous advantages, it is widely popular among both passengers and drivers.

The key benefits for passengers:

  • automatic card payments;
  • fast car service;
  • precise fee calculations that get available prior to order confirmation;
  • regular discounts.

Registration on this platform provides a driver with a permanent job and a good salary without the need to search for additional orders. The service charges a commission of only 20% for each order, and the rest of the money goes to a driver.


No matter whether you are going to use this service as a passenger or as a driver, you must pass an obligatory registration procedure. You will be required to share the following information:

  • the email address;
  • the mobile number;
  • the first, second, and last name;
  • the bank card or payment system details.

In some situations, both drivers and passengers may need to create an Uber account without phone. As for passengers, they may be blocked due to frequent false calls. And a driver may need a new profile due to the negative reputation of the old one. Anyway, in such cases, a user needs a new SIM card.

Creating an Uber account without phone number

On the Internet, you may find offers on ready profile on this source. But we insist that it is better to avoid such propositions. This company regularly monitors the transparency of its service. The logins that are purchased frequently draw the attention of the administration and, as a result, get immediately blocked. If you decide to buy a ready profile, there is a high risk that the next day you will not be able to use it.

The best option is to get a personal page on your own. But how to do that without wasting money on a new SIM card? The answer is rather simple ― just use a virtual phone number for Uber. You can purchase it for temporary use for about 30-40 cents and receive a text message with a code for registration to it.


One of the proven services is This website offers low prices and convenient functionality for creating additional accounts for social networks, ad platforms, messengers, and other popular services. A virtual phone number for Uber taxi will cost you about 25 cents. You can choose the country, to which the mobile operator will be linked, and lots of other features.

Signing up Uber without phone takes 6 simple steps:

  1. Complete a quick registration at
  2. Go to the menu and select “Payment”. Make a deposit via any convenient system. This source accepts rubles, dollars, and cryptocurrencies.
  3. Select the number and click on “Get”.
  4. Then copy it from your personal page and paste it into the corresponding registration box in the application.
  5. Go back to, open your account, and click on the button “Get SMS”. Copy the confirmation code.
  6. Enter it into the registration form in the app.

As you can see, if you choose our SMS activation website, it will be rather easy for you to get Uber without SIM.


My Uber account got permanently banned. How to get a new one?

Register a new profile with the help of a different email address and a different mobile number. If you don’t have another SIM card, use a virtual phone number for Uber as it is described above.

How to unlock my passenger account?

It’s impossible. To continue using the taxi service, you will need to create a new profile.

Can I call a taxi in Moscow online without registering on Uber?

No, you should sign up to call a taxi.

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