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How to Bypass Ticket Master Verification

Ticket Master

Almost every week we visit different entertainment events to have some fun or rest after busy working days. Whether it’s a music concert, a sports tournament, or a session at the cinema. In fast modern life, you need to be able to order a ticket anytime. This opportunity is given by the Ticket Master. We, in turn, provide a simple and convenient opportunity to pass phone number verification on this app without its presence using SMS-Man.

Ticket Master logo

What is this app all about? 

Ticketmaster is the biggest ticket market in the world with its headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. It is also one of the oldest companies in this area since it operates since 1976. At this moment this service offers tickets for music concerts, sports tournaments, theater, and a lot of other entertainment events from all over the world.

Pricing principles

Mostly the face value of tickets on Ticketmaster is determined by the client. But in addition, this platform and venues themselves include in the price their fees to pay for their services. In most cases those fees are:

  • Facility charge that is added by venue;
  • The service fee that is added depending on the agreement with each client and the order processing fee;
  • The delivery fee that is added according to the ticket delivery method and credit card processing fees.

Of course, the same as in the case of face ticket value, fee amounts vary from event to event and are dependent on the venue, available delivery methods, and preferences of the artist. That is why sometimes they might be too high. But at the same time, some economists and activist groups claim that high ticket prices are also due to a lack of competition within the music industry.

How to bypass Ticket Master verification with a virtual phone number

This is a pretty simple and fast task with SMS-Man. It will take no longer than a few minutes to accomplish it. To bypass Ticketmaster verification using our virtual numbers follow the instruction below:

1. Sign up for an account entering all the required information on the according page or log in using your profile on one of the presented social media platforms.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Use the appropriate payment method to top up the balance.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Proceed to the main page of the website and choose the required country code.

Choosing country of the cellular carrier

4. Scroll to the services list and pick Ticketmaster.

Choosing a virtual phone number for Ticket Master

5. Click the buy button to receive the phone number according to the given parameters.

Virtual phone number for Ticket Master

It will appear on the top of the same page. Everything that is left to do after this is to request a verification code on the received phone number from the chosen app. Usually, it arrives no longer than two minutes after this. Press the get SMS button to reveal the received text message and bypass the phone number verifying process for an old or new account.
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