Telegram has added new video broadcasts and other features
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Telegram has added new video broadcasts and other features

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In this article we talking about new update on Telegram. New features and utilities.

In new update the Telegram has added new features, the first of which is new video broadcasts. To start the broadcast, you need to select “Video Chat” in the group profile or “Broadcast” in the profile of the administered channel.

Unlimited live streams

You can broadcast a video from the camera or an image from the screen. Viewers will also be able to participate in Telegram broadcasts. To do this, you need to “raise your hand”, the administrator must approve the participation.

The new version of the messenger has a message forwarding setting: you can save or remove captions to photos and media files, remove an extra message from the forwarding or change the recipient if the wrong chat is selected.

Just recently, a Telegram update was released, which was one of the most widespread in recent times. They added a premium Telegram, the benefits of which I will now discuss.

Telegram new features

  • Buying a subscription on Telegram doubles all your limits. For example, you can download files up to 4 gb. And such files can be downloaded by everyone.
  • In addition, premium subscription users will be able to download files without any speed limits.
  • Also added decryption function for voice messages
  • New stickers, reactions, and more are also waiting for you in the paid subscription

The latest version of Telegram can be downloaded from the official site or using the AppStore for Iphone, PlayMarket for android.

How to Sign Up in Telegram without phone number?

To register a Telegram account, you’ll need a virtual or real number. You can buy a number for a one-time activation or rent it for a long time at Now I will show and tell you how to get a number:

  1. Register on the site with an email or log in through a ready-made google account

2. Go to the tab by clicking on your account and replenish your account by one of the available methods. For example by cryptocurrency or bank card.

3. Then go back to the home page and select the country for which you will register an account. The main thing in this case, choose the country that you have. Without it, the confirmation code may not come. Below is a list of services, looking for Telegram. If it does not appear among the proposed, open a search and search by name. In front of the service will be a button to buy, click.

4. After you purchase a number, it appears at the top of the site.
It is very important that in order to register a Telegram account, it is necessary to use the mobile version of the application. The computer app or the Telegram site will not work.

5. Copy the phone number and open the application on your phone

6. After that, go back to and click “Get Sms”

7. When you enter a code in the app, then Telegram will ask you to enter your first and last name. This is the end of your registration.
The help us register a second Telegram account without a phone number.

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