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Menu Close account without phone number account is a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange. Today technology has gone far ahead, there are new ways to make money. To invest in currency you will need to create a account.

History of

People used to invest money in stocks, hoping that one of the stocks would rise and they would make money. There were no telephones at that time and people had to go to a stock exchange, like Wall Street. You could also find out from a newspaper that a stock was up or down, but that’s all in the past. Now we have smartphones, computers, laptops and other electronics. It has access to the Internet, and there are a huge number of exchanges on the Web. One of them is like at any exchange you will need to pass verification, which requires a phone number, but with our service sms-man you can buy a phone number for


The world changed in 2009, that’s when bitcoin was created. Other cryptocurrencies were created after it, but it was bitcoin that became the basis of the crypto world. Later, ethereum came along. In total, cryptocurrencies have seen 3 booms in the bitcoin rate: in 2014, in 2018 when the popularization of mining took place and our 2020. You can make money on every rise and fall of the rate, especially it was possible in the last 2 years and helped people to do it. account

Why to use

1) The interface. All things are clear, even a newcomer to investing. The interface is easy and convenient enough.

2) Flexibility. The ability to fund your balance to start trading with a huge number of payment methods.

3) Cashback. Top up your account with a visa card and get up to 5% cashback.

4) Multitasking. In addition to the exchange itself, the site has NFT, which you can buy and sell.

5) Speed. The mechanism is able to process more than 2 million transactions per second.

Verification process of

I have not listed all the positive aspects of this crypto exchange yet, but I think these points will make you think about using this tool. But the most important: how to create account? for this there is our service sms-man which allows you to buy a number for almost any country in the world to receive sms for verification.

  • The first thing we need to do to create a account is to register on the sms-man website. To do this, click on the “enter” there indicate the necessary data in the fields. Do not forget to pass the captcha, because it is a test, whether you are a bot or not.

create sms-man account

  • Now we can refill the balance. Go to the tab “payment”. Select the amount of the top-up and the payment method. Minimally, you can deposit $10.

buy phone number

Now you need to go back to the home page. Click on the sms-man logo in the upper left corner. Next, choose the country whose number you want to buy. Expand the list of services completely and enter “” in the search. click on it and go higher. phone number

Using a VPN

The most important thing is that when you choose a country, you must not forget to connect a VPN and exactly to the country whose number you bought. VPN is used, because the services may not send you the code because you are in one country, and the number you enter a different country. Now it is necessary to register at the exchange. To register you need to download the application to do this go to the play market or app store.


When you login you will be asked to enter your email, like at all crypto exchanges, pass the captcha in the form of a puzzle, which you have to move and agree to the privacy policy. We carry out these not complicated actions and pass further. Here in the list of country codes choose yours. After, at the sms-man site we get a code, it will be visible directly under the number. It remains only to enter it in the application and you are verified, congratulations!
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