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Sweatcoin app: how to earn money by walking in 2022


Sweatcoin app: how to earn money by walking in 2022

What is Sweatcoin app?

Sweatcoin app is an extremely curious way to make money. It is promoted under the slogan “earn money by walking”. This digital currency project is designed for fitness enthusiasts. It is designed to make it easier to track your athletic progress and encourage those who achieve their goals, such as losing weight, increasing muscle mass, etc.

There are quite a few cryptocurrency projects on the Internet, but let’s face it, not many of them are aimed at helping their users lose weight and become more attractive.

Sweatcoin is, in my opinion, a unique project. It has a rewards program that runs on its own blockchain. Whenever you exercise or just move, you will receive Sweatcoin.

SweatCoin app cannot be downloaded to your computer as desktop app. It is only available on Android and iOS. There is also a cryptocurrency SWEAT, which can be converted into Sweatcoin if desired.

In this article I will tell you all you should know about SweatCoin app and how to create an account in the app using a fake google account.

How the SweatCoin app works?

Sweatcoin app is a completely free mobile app. It allows its users to monitor their daily fitness and receive sweatcoins for it. It is possible to set goals – how many calories the user wants to burn in a selected month or walk steps. The app supports synchronization with relevant fitness apps.

Sweatcoin has tens of millions of active users. You can spend sweatcoins with business partners, of which the sweatcoin app has more than several hundred. The app is currently available in most countries in Europe, the U.S. and Canada.

How does SweatCoin app works?

Don’t forget that the Sweatcoin app measures the number of steps users take using a special sensor built into the phone. With each step you take, you receive a certain number of Sweatcoins. You can then use these coins to buy items on the marketplace. The app includes a marketplace with products from well-known brands. You can buy products for sweatcoins or at a discount for money

If you don’t want to spend money, you can donate your coins instead. The app allows you to transfer sweatcoins to charitable organizations.

Finally, you can also convert earned Sweatcoins into cryptocurrencies and then into cash at online cryptocurrency exchange services.

Create sweatcoin account

The SweatCoin app only works on your phone, and the web version release is not expected (not surprisingly). To make a successful sweatcoin registration we need an Android or iOS phone. My choice was Android, since I have a Galaxy S7. I will create a fake Google account in order to authorize under it in the SweatCoin app.

To create an account, you must first go to the Google homepage and click “Sign In”. Google will send us a form for authorization, where we need to click on the button “Create account” for yourself.

google main page

google create account for myself

Google will ask us to fill out a form with personal information. I recommend that you do not use your real name.

google fulfil form with bio

Next, you must enter a fake phone number, which will be registered to your account.

google asks phone number

Getting fake virtual number

I will use the sms-man virtual number service to get a fake number. I have been using this service for a long time and trust it. Go to the main page of sms-man.com.

sms man main page

In order to use the service, you need to create an account and top up your balance. One dollar will be enough.

Let’s choose the country and service we need. As a country, I will go for USA, and as a service choose “Google/YouTube/Gmail” and click “Buy”.

sms man choose use number

The phone number of the selected service will appear in the header of the site. Copy the number, go back to the google site, and paste it into the phone number form.

sms man glance at usa number

Click confidently on “Confirm number”. Now you need to go back to sms-man.com and press the “Get sms” button. As soon as you press it, you will be charged, and in return you will get a confirmation code from the google message you sent.

sms man confirmation code

Copy the verification code and paste it into the form on the Google website. After successful verification, you will be asked to fill out another form with personal information.

google fulfil form with bio after signup

There is nothing special about the form. Fill it out to your liking and proceed by clicking the “Next” button. After you’ve agreed to Google’s security policy, your account will be officially registered and you’ll see a window with your personal information.

google fake account created

SweatCoin sign up with fake Google account data

Now it’s your turn to download the app. We take out our Android phone. Find sweatcoin app in Google PlayStore and download it.

On the main screen SweatCoin will ask us to log in with our Google account. Let’s use the account we just created to log in.

sweatcoin authorization

Next, agree with SweatCoin’s privacy policy and allow the app to collect information from your step counter.

sweatcoin successful login

That’s it, congratulations, your account is ready.

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