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How to bypass Xiaomi verification without a phone number

xiaomi verification without phone number

Xiaomi is the largest Chinese corporation known throughout the world. Its products are used in all countries of the world. Few brands can compete with the style and power of this company’s products. Not surprisingly, but like all corporations xiaomi strives to create its own ecosystem. Therefore, on the site and in all gadgets required to log in to xiaomi account, which is tied to the phone number. But what to do if xiaomi could not verify the phone number? Your solution will be the service sms-man. Thanks to a virtual phone number that you can buy on our website you will be able to pass xiaomi verification.

xiaomi account: what is it for and what does it give you access to?

to begin with, all xiaomi devices have such an account. even smart watches. when you turn on such a watch, the first thing it asks you to do is to log into the xiaomi account. access to the functions will not happen until you log into it. there is no such problem on the phone. you can use it, but only to a limited extent. xiaomi mi account helps to synchronize devices. synchronization is very important, especially if you use an electronic smart watch. if you have created an account for your phone number, but xiaomi couldn’t verify phone number for some unknown reason, you will need to find a solution. and the answer to the question “how create xiaomi account?” lies in buying a virtual phone number. and you can do this as I said before on our website.

xiaomi verification without phone number

Why it is best to buy a number from sms man


We have support that works 24/7. Our specialists are always trying to make new useful updates to the site. We do not transmit data that you provide on our site. Our site has the latest encryption technology. Our site is unreal to hack. You can buy numbers to more than 150 countries and more than 100 services. 


VPN usage 


To receive sms on the virtual phone number, which you bought for xiaomi account, you need to download VPN. In no case you should not download a free VPN. As a rule, this is an unsafe software, through a network of which hackers attack the user. Or connection to such servers is very unstable. If you want to save your privacy and nerves including, then we recommend downloading VPN. It will secure your personal data, save you nerve cells, which are so expensive for every person, because modern medicine is not yet able to transplant them. 


how to buy a number for xiaomi verification


To buy a number you need to go to our website. On the main page you can see the list of countries and services available for purchase. At the top there will be a button to start registration. click on it. you will be prompted to enter your email and password twice to create an account.


After creating an account or logging in via google you can go to the main page and select a service. since we need to pass xiaomi verification, we need to select xiaomi in the list of services and the country you want. the only thing left is to get an sms and that’s it, thanks to sms-man you have a new xiaomi account!


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