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OkCupid vs Tinder: which dating app is better?

okcupid vs tinder

Tinder — the oldest and the most popular dating app in the world. But there are lots of concurrent apps for those who are bored with it. For example, OkCupid. This article will explain why it is better than Tinder and how to sign up there.

How to pass OkCupid sign up?

In a related video, SMS-Man showed how to pass OkCupid sign up without your real phone number. It is very easy and still allows you to use OkCupid Premium and other features of that fine app.

But if you want to read the guide about OkCupid, we told you everything about signing up here in one of the previous articles: Create an OkCupid account without a phone number.

OkCupid vs Tinder

Now let’s choose the best dating application in the world.

On one side we have the name of Tinder: an app that is known by everybody who heard about dating. So we found that list of reasons to put Tinder at the first position:

  • Reputation
  • Premium access
  • Number of users worldwide
  • Advertisement tactics
  • Opportunity to make money on users

About the last point, I will tell you in the future. But now let’s find all disadvantages of Tinder:

  • High cost of Premium
  • Widespread scammers
  • Fake profiles
  • Refund policy

When you are on the hype wave, it is easy to lose control of scams, fake and other badness. Now we can speak about OkCupid again, here are the advantages of this app:

  • Wonderful design
  • Minimum of fakes
  • Fine customer care
  • Ratings

But we can’t lose bad qualities here too. It is sad, but I have to say that:

  • Fewer users than in Tinder
  • Higher middle-age percentage (sometimes it looks like PoF)
  • Bad advertisement

But it is not so important if you want to find your love here.


Everybody will choose by himself, but I have chosen 1 application in OkCupid vs Tinder question.

Unfortunately, OkCupid is still fighting with other apps for money and one day it can die. Let’s rescue beautiful app together!

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