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How to create VK account without phone number

vk without phone

The social network VK has long been something more than a resource for communication of a small group of people – today it is one of the 15 most popular services on the planet, and the number of registered users has already exceeded 500 million! Even outside of Russia and CIS countries people already know about VK and often ask the question how to create a VK account without a phone number.

VK allows you to receive SMS to the numbers of any country, so even if you are not in Russia, you will be able to register. But many people face the problem that they do not want to enter their phone number when registering in VK. That’s why you can use a virtual phone number for this purpose!

How to create VK account?

Regardless of whether you want to register VK from your phone number or from a virtual one, the first steps are the same for all. And so, below you will find detailed instructions on how to create one or more VK accounts

  1. Go to the site, enter your data (not necessarily a real one), enter your age. For the safety of the account, I advise you to put your age over 21. And click “Continue registration”. sign up for vk without phone number
  2. Next, we need to enter the phone number. And if you have a phone number, you can enter it and go straight to the 7th step. If you do not have a phone number, then see the instructions step by step vk account without phone
  3. Go to the site, where you can buy virtual numbers and do quick sign up there.
  4. After registering you need to top up your balance to buy a number. You can also find a promo code for free numbers in our latest YouTube videos. You can top up your balance in many different ways
  5. After that you choose any country you want to create VK account, choose VK service and buy a number
  6. After that, the number will appear at the top of your site, you copy and paste it into VK
  7. If you didn’t buy a phone number, but wanted to register with your own number, start reading us here. Enter your phone number and wait for “next vk account create
  8. VK sent a message with an access code.
  9. Now you either check your phone number that you entered and enter it in VK. Or go back to the sms-man site and click “Get sms”.
  10. Copy this code and enter it into VK vk account create
  11. After that, you need to come up with a password for your account. And you have successfully completed the registration in VK

Why do I need a VK accounts?

By the way, you can also view videos – any that you found yourself or by reference (only if there are no restrictions). Information about advertising on the service, data for application developers, as well as rules will be open. You can also listen to music on your phone or computer.

But there is also bad news. In the absence of an account, viewing of some profiles will be unavailable (in particular, those whose owners have set access to viewing exclusively to VK users). To greet an old friend, you will have to become members of the service.
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