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New library for Python: SMS-MAN API acceleration


Python continues to be one of the most popular programming languages because of its simplicity and powerful capabilities. A key driver of its popularity is the large community of developers who create and maintain libraries for a variety of purposes. We are proud to introduce an updated version of our Python library, which is designed to make interacting with our API easier.

SMS-MAN API Main improvement:

One of the major improvements in the new version of the library is the migration of all the main methods from the previous version to an asynchronous format. This change significantly improves the speed of the library and allows developers to leverage its capabilities when working with our API.

The advantages of asynchronous programming:

Asynchronous programming allows multiple tasks to run in parallel without blocking the execution flow. In the new library, we used this principle to maximize performance and efficiency when working with the API. Developers can now execute requests to the API asynchronously, without having to wait for each request to complete before moving on to the next one.

Ease of use:

Despite the use of asynchrony within the library, method calls remain as simple and intuitive as in the previous version. Developers can use familiar syntax to access API functions and handle results. We tried to keep compatibility with the previous version of the library, so that the update would go as smoothly and safely as possible for the existing code.

Additional functions and features:

In addition to performance improvements, the new library provides additional features and capabilities for easier interaction with the API. We’ve added new methods and optimized existing ones to provide maximum flexibility and functionality when working with data and resources.


The new library has a modular architecture that allows developers to easily add new features and expand its capabilities. You can integrate features specific to your project or customize the library to your needs without too much hassle.

Stability and support:

We are constantly updating and maintaining our library to ensure its stable operation and security. Our support team is always ready to help you in case of questions or problems.

Installation and documentation of SMS-MAN API pip library:

The library is available at To install, simply enter the command “pip install smsmanpy”. More information about the functionality and code examples can be found in the documentation, available at the library address.

pip smsmanpy

To install, type “pip install smsmanpy”. Read the documentation of the library available at the above address to familiarize yourself with its functionality.


In conclusion we are confident that the updated library will be a reliable and efficient tool for developers using Python to work with our API. Enjoy the improved performance, usability, and extensibility that our new library offers. Speed up your development process and reach new heights with this powerful Python library!

At last you can visit the website to download the library and read the documentation and code examples. Don’t put off upgrading and upgrading to the new library – start taking advantage of it today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you every step of the way.

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