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Can I create a Yandex Mail account outside Russia?

Can I create a Yandex Mail account outside Russia?

Do you need to register a Yandex Mail account for work or some other purpose, but you are outside Russia? What difficulties may it cause? The registration process itself is not complicated regarless your location. However, so that the website does not block your account sooner or later, it must be verified using a phone number.

Well, let’s say you are ready to use your real phone number, but in the process you find out that Yandex does not support sending SMS messages to your operator. It is one of the cases when it would be reasonable to use the SMS verification service. For more confidence, you can purchase a Russian virtual number so that Yandex will definitely have no questions.

So, how does SMS verificaton work? You pay a reasonable price to a provider, the platform issues a personal virtual phone number for you. Next, you link it to your Yandex Mail account and enter the verification code that you received in an SMS message. At the core, you pay for receiving the code to bypass verification. Besides, if you did not get the code the first time, you do not need to buy another number, but you should request the code again and keep calm.

Which is more, before paying for the service, you can pre-test the reliability of our provider using toll-free numbers in our Telegram bot. Just note that these phone numbers are in public access which means that anyone can see your verification code.

On the other hand, if you purchase a paid virtual phone, you receive a unique number that only you have access to.

This post will guide you through Yandex registration using an SMS-man’s virtual phone, as well as exploring some aspects of linking a phone to your Yandex account.

Briefly on Yandex Mail

What is Yandex Mail? It’s an email client of the Russian tech giant Yandex, one of the most popular email services throughout the Russian business community, but also used in other countries.

You can log into your Yandex Mail account either through your verified social media account or through Yandex ID. Yandex ID is a single account for Yandex. If you are already using Yandex services, you have an ID.

Briefly on Yandex Mail

How does Yandex protect its accounts?

What is Yandex in terms of protection of user accounts? According to official information from Yandex Help, the company has a certificate of compliance with the SOC 2 security standard. This means that internal processes comply with international security practices, and there is independent confirmation of this.

SOC 2 is a security standard that provides an independent assessment of cybersecurity risk management controls in IT companies that provide services to users. This standard pays special attention to data privacy and confidentiality.

Why does Yandex require my phone number then?

Why is Yandex asking for phone number then? You don’t need a phone number to create an account directly. However, it is obligatory to provide it to bypass verification. Because Yandex tracks unverified accounts and eventually blocks them.

In addition, the phone number can later be used as a backup way to log into your account if you forget your login or your account is hacked.

yandex mail create account

How to confirm a phone number to your Yandex account?

Within your Yandex Mail account, you can see attached phone numbers on the “Phones” page. There may be several numbers displayed if you specified a phone number on another Yandex service that is different from the main one. If necessary, in the future you change the number (or untie it, but that we will discuss a little bit later).

In order to add a phone number in Yandex:

  1. Go to the “Phones” page.
  2. Enter a phone number in international format and click the “Next” button. Yandex will send you a message with a confirmation code.
  3. In the window, enter the received confirmation code, and below — the password for the account.
  4. Click “Next”. If you entered them correctly, the phone number will immediately be linked to your Yandex ID.

Note! One phone number can be linked to a maximum of 10 accounts. If the number you are using is already linked to 10 accounts, Yandex will automatically unlink it from the first account you registered.

How to verify a Yandex account using a Virtual Number?

The SMS-man platform gives you the opportunity to get virtual phone numbers to receive SMS and registrations. More than 180 countries are available to choose from, this allows you to get phone numbers of countries such as Russia, USA, UK, India, Turkey and others.

Virtual phone number for Yandex

Here is what you need to get russian virtual phone number:

  1. Register an account on or log in via Google+ account.
  2. After logging into your account, you will find yourself on the tab for buying one-time virtual numbers. It is called “Receive SMS” and also serves as the homepage. The “Rent” tab below is for long-term rentals.
  3. To buy a virtual number, you need to select the country of the mobile operator — for example, Russia — and the Yandex Mail service a little bit lower on the screen.
  4. Opposite to the service icon, you can see the price of each number. Top up your account balance with the appropriate amount of money. To complete the purchase, click the “Buy SMS” button next to the service icon.
  5. Under the options for selecting a country and service, you will see the History section. It will display the virtual phone number that you bought. Next to the number you will see the “Receive SMS” button.
  6. Create Yandex account and link the phone number to it, return to the SMS-man homepage and request the code.
  7. Apply the code.

How to untie a phone number from your Yandex Mail account — yes, it is possible

After you have completed verification, you can also unlink the phone number from your Yandex Mail account. However, so that you can restore your account in the future, make sure that you have entered your real name and surname in Yandex ID.

How to untie a phone number from your Yandex account:

  1. Go to the “Phones” page. Before deleting a number, add a security question to protect your account.
  2. Then click on the field with a secure phone number, and then on the “Delete” button.
  3. Yandex will send two messages to the phone number you are deleting: a deletion notification and a code.
  4. Enter the received code, if the number to be deleted is available to you, and then the password for the account.
  5. After that, click the “Next” button.

Done! If you entered the code correctly, the phone number will be deleted after you push the button.

If you cannot receive the code for the deleted number, it will be deleted after 14 days. This delay protects you from intruders who somehow logged into your account and are trying to delete your phone number. You can cancel the pending deletion of a number at any time: click the “Cancel” button on the “Phones” page.


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