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Naver: sign up


Naver is the most popular search engine in South Korea, which has left such a global giant as Google far behind in terms of popularity in its country. In Korea, the statistics of visits to the Naver search engine is 78%, when Google’s market share is only 5%.

Naver has earned such popularity in its country due to its policy, primarily focused on the domestic market. The search engine has a huge own portal, as well as many own services such as mail, translator, music portal, office programs, payment system and many other useful things.

In this article, we will describe step by step how to register on Naver, as well as register many mailboxes without a phone number.

Sign up in Naver (step-by-step instructions)

Creating an account and Sign up in Naver mail, as in most other search engines, is one and the same procedure. To do this, you need to:

1. Go to the official resource of the search engine –

2. Click on the “Sign Up” button, as shown in the photo below.Registering Naver Mail

3. We tick the boxes everywhere and click “Confirm”. Naver Mail Registration: agreement

4. Go to the form for filling in personal data:

  • User name – your username, which will also be the name of your mail
  • We invent and register a password twice (at least 8 characters with numbers in it)
  • Enter the first name, last name and date of birth
  • Gender – choose your gender
  • Recovery E-mail(Option) – additional mail is entered at will
  • Mobile Phone – in the first line you need to select the country of the operator, and in the next line write your mobile phone number. After that, click on the “Send Code” button. An SMS message will be sent to your mobile phone with the code that we write in the last field.

5. Click on “Sign Up”.

That’s it, now you can easily use mail and all the services of the popular Korean search engine. As you can see, it is impossible to register on Naver without a mobile phone number.

What should those users do who, for various reasons, will need a lot of accounts? To do this, it is best to buy a virtual number for registration in Naver, since this service is ten times cheaper than buying a regular SIM card. We will talk about how to do this later in our article.


Buy a virtual number for Naver

Using a virtual number to register with Naver is practically no different from creating mail using a standard sim card. The only thing you get is an SMS not on your smartphone, but in your personal account on one of the sites where you purchased the number.


One of the resources offering to buy a virtual number for Naver is The site has a number of advantages compared to its competitors:

  • low price. One room costs only from 0.05$.
  • the very presence of virtual numbers for Naver is already a certain advantage, since this search engine is not very widespread in the Russian Federation.
  • you can buy a virtual number for Naver for dollars, rubles and cryptocurrency, so there will be no problems wherever you are.
  • you can use a large number of different payment systems to top up your account.
    many mobile operators from many countries are offered.
  • operational support service in the form of a chat.

And these are just the main advantages of the service. If you need to buy a virtual number for Naver on, then this procedure is described in detail in the “How to use” section of the site.

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