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Moneylion app registration without phone number

Guide to create MoneyLion

MoneyLion was founded in New York in 2013, and since then more than 500,000 people have used its services. The MoneyLion phone number service includes regular monitoring of all credit debts owed to banks, personalised recommendations on spending and financial behaviour. Also the ability to borrow money for urgent needs right in the app. To use this features and features that are written below, you need to create MoneyLion account.

What makes the service unique is how its personalized recommendations work – as TechCrunch writes, with the MoneyLion app users can simulate their future financial situation and thus get a better idea of what awaits them if they continue to move in the same direction. The app also analyses all incoming income and expenses and gives advice on how to make a difference.

“The MoneyLion platform is based on analytical models that help users achieve their financial goals. It includes building savings for real estate, managing credit more effectively or getting a consumer loan for unexpected needs,” told Venture Beat. Managing partner at investment fund Edison Partners, which led the first round of investment in the MoneyLion platform.


MoneyLion app features

1. The Moneylion apk pays $1 of almost real money for a daily visit, which can then be exchanged for gift cards from shops.

2. A low-interest subscription to a lucrative loan. For $29 a month, the customer takes out loans at a reduced rate if needed.

3. An alternative to payday loans, an interest-free loan service that has been designed to get you to make another monetary transaction. However, this is more of a tool for managing your finances and money planning.

4. Investments. Fully managed portfolio and automatic investing – all without asset management fees and minimum deposits, simply through the app..

5. You can track MoneyLion: Mobile Banking App performance by day and by hour across different countries, categories and devices.

money lion

As traditional banks have been slow to adopt new technologies that can help the growing financial needs of their customers, more start-ups like this will emerge around the world over the years to fill the gap. Like all other modern services it needs phone verification while you create an account. In our guide below we will show you how to bypass MoneyLion registration without phone number.

How to create MoneyLion account with virtual phone number?

1. First of all, visit and create an account.

SMS-Man register

2. Secondly, top up your balance by the available payment methods that are reliable and safe in your account. For instance: Qiwi, Alipay, Coinbase and e.t.c.

SMS-Man recharge

3. Select the country which virtual number you want to purchase from the list on the main page.

SMS Man main page

4. On the same page choose MoneyLion service. You can use the search line to find it faster.


5. Click on the “BUY” button and get the virtual phone number to use in the registration form.


Afterwards create MoneyLion login and password in the sign up form, and when the system requires phone number, use the purchased one from our website. This method also works, if you want to create accounts in other platforms. For instance: LocalBitCoin, Walmart, and e.t.c

Free phone number for MoneyLion account registration

What if you want to create second MoneyLion bank account and don’t want to pay additional money for it? Free provision of a service, whatever it may be, is certainly a good thing. No one would ever turn down such an offer. That’s why we’ve created a special channel in Telegram. Through it, anyone can get a virtual phone number for MoneyLion to complete the account registration process without paying a penny.
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