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Cdkeys: how to buy cheap steam keys in 2022


Hello all, today I will tell you what is cdkeys, understand all the subtleties of buying through the site compared to the direct purchase in steam.  In addition, let’s create our account with a virtual number.

What is cdkeys

Computer games haven’t been something amazing for a long time. In the past, when most transactions were done with cash, there were video game stores where all the games were on cd discs. Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your house to buy goods. You can buy games online and you don’t even have to keep the disc, because the purchase comes instantly to your account in the form of a text key. But before we buy digital goods we need to create an account.

Buying keys in the online store is cheaper than the official site steam. This is due to the fact that the keys are taken on sale. There is also another way – the wholesale purchase of keys from the developers.


Cjs cd keys registration

In order to register on the site cdkeys you will need to enter your email. Enter your first and last name, come up with a password to enter.

You can confirm your account with your phone. If you don’t want to enter your own, use a virtual number rented from SMS-MAN. In this service prices are lower than competitors, and numbers are updated every day.

You can buy a number for activation in several ways:

  • Purchasing a disposable number – OTP confirmation is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to register an account for a virtual number. Such a number will be valid only until it is purchased, which almost eliminates the possibility of re-registering to this service. You can only receive one sms and only to the service you’ve chosen. It is possible to receive sms on the purchased number within 20 minutes after purchase.
  • Long-term rental number – If you want to use the number and receive more than one sms, then you can rent a number for a period from 1 hour to 6 months. Now there is no number renewal, so I advise you to rent a number for a longer period.
  • API – Well the last way is to buy through API requests of our application, which you can download on the main page or by using requests and API token in your code. The prices here are the same as in the case of buying a disposable number. This method is good for automating your project, because after connecting you only need to monitor the balance in your account.


How to buy OTP number

Before you buy a number, you only need to perform a couple of steps, such as:

– Create your account on SMS-MAN.COM, you will need an email. Come up with a complex password so that your account could not be hack and gain access to your funds.

– Then replenish your account using online banking or cryptocurrency.

Go to the main page and choose the country you like. The main thing is to turn on VPN, without it the confirmation code may not come. Under the countries are services, among which you need to find cdkeys and click on the buy button. The issued number will be at the very top of the page. You can see two buttons. First button it’s “request sms”. You will need to press it as soon as you enter the number to confirm your account and the service will ask you for a confirmation code. The second button “reject” press it in case the confirmation code does not come for a long time (to get it, press the first button).

This article comes to an end, play good games, and see you in other articles.
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