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Mailgun: email validation without a phone number

Mailgun email validation

In today’s technology-driven world it is not possible to do without platforms for both sending and receiving as well as tracking emails. They are a connecting link in many processes. Billions of people use them on a daily notice for a variety of purposes. But great demand always goes along with strong competition. At the moment there are a lot of email services that provide users with different opportunities. So the choice is not limited to Gmail. You can also pass Mailgun email validation to explore new features of electronic correspondence. Moreover, it is possible to do without using your own mobile number thus creating a secure and private mailbox. How it all works is explained in our article.

Mailgun email validation

Benefits of having a Mailgun account

Mailgun email service was founded in early 2010. The company attracted a lot of investment and has been actively working on developing its tools ever since. Nowadays it offers many great solutions and even surpasses most email services in functionality. Read below to learn about the benefits of having an account on this platform and thereby understand what is Mailgun all about:

  • Email automation for sites and apps of all kinds. Developers can use this service to integrate email automation features into their products. It makes no difference what frameworks and languages they are built from.
  • Transactional email management. Mailgun is a good solution for dealing with transactional emails like those used for processing orders from customers. It allows collecting all the pieces of data to respond back properly.
  • Extraction of important information from incoming emails. The platform also has a smart parsing feature. Users can use it to automatically identify and pull specific sets of data out of emails.
  • Processing large volumes of emails. You can set rules for future emails and thereby filter them. Going this way helps to avoid receiving unwanted emails and get only those ones that have value.
  • Detailed analytics. Service gives the opportunity to see if emails went into inboxes or spam folders of recipients. Moreover, it is also possible to check how recipients are interacting with the emails.

So we find it fair to say that it is worth to create account for sure. But there is also one important thing to notice. Mailgun has been repeatedly subjected to cyber-attacks that led to data leaks over the past few years. The platform is not secure enough. You have to take extra steps on your own when working with it. For example, complete Mailgun email verification using a virtual number instead real one.

Mailgun email validation without phone number

Simple way to get a virtual Mailgun phone number

Using a virtual number for account creation is a good decision when it comes to increasing privacy. It does not involve providing any sort of personal data so there is no risk of identity disclosure in case of leakage. Such a number is also unavailable for association with its owner so it is pretty private and secure. Here is a detailed guide on how to obtain a virtual cell phone for Mailgun email validation using our website:

1. Register and verify your profile at

SMS-Man register

2. Stick with a suitable payment method from those that are available on the appropriate tab to top up the balance.

SMS-Man account recharge

3. Open the front page of the website and select the country of the virtual mobile number operator.

SMS Man main page

4. Use the search option in the services section to find Mailgun.

the virtual phone number for Mailgun email validation

5. Purchase a virtual number by clicking the buy button.

buy virtual number for Mailgun email validation

A virtual cell phone with specified characteristics will automatically pop up at the top of the homepage of SMS-Man. You can also find it in your personal cabinet on site. Now let’s see how to use Mailgun virtual number in order to register an account.

How to pass Mailgun email validation using a virtual number?

Getting a virtual number for receiving OTP is the most difficult part of the whole process. So there is not really much left to do after this. Just put the purchased number on the Mailgun email validation page and use it as the identity verification method. Then, after the service sends a confirmation code, click the “Get SMS” button. There will appear a set of digits. Copy and use it to complete the validation process and access a fully operable account.
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