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Is the virtual number really anonymous: here’s what to know

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Virtual phone numbers are a quite common tool these days. There are a lot of people who operate them regularly. One of the most popular reasons for this is remaining anonymous online. However, some people still hesitate to use virtual numbers because they are not sure if those really help to hide their identity on the internet. This is pretty fair. There is not much information on whether it is necessary to reveal personal information to get numbers of that type or not as well as if anyone can track them. So, in this article, we will answer all important questions and also explain how to get a completely anonymous number.

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Unnecessary to provide personal information

The best part of virtual phone numbers is that their users don’t have to disclose their personal data. It is not necessary when both getting and using them. In most cases, it is just about signing up for an appropriate platform that the offers option to obtain an anonymous virtual phone number. Those operating in the forms of websites as well as apps. Registration on them usually takes setting up a password and using an email address for profile verification. There is also nothing wrong with using a burner mailbox for this purpose to stay even more anonymous. Therefore, all confidential data of users stay safe.

Cannot be tracked

This thing bothers people no less than the previous one. Thematic forums are full of questions regarding whether can you track virtual phone number or not. It is enough to state one point to answer them all though. The point is that every virtual number has a static location because of the connection to the special online server. There is no real difference if its user changes location or not. It always stays the same. With that said, detecting from where the person managing a virtual phone number is impossible on the technical side. In addition, it is also not possible to check the text messages received with it. They are kept encrypted on secure and protected databases without unauthorized access.

Get an anonymous number

Such an option is offered by multiple online services. But yet not all of them care enough about the privacy of their users. SMS-Man does though. Receiving an anonymous virtual phone number with this platform is also pretty easy. You just need to go through a simple and quick registration process. Completing it opens access to all features of the company. Here is how to do it:

1. Make a profile at using a mailbox or social networking site account.

2. Open the payment tab. You will see several options. Use a suitable one to replenish your balance with funds.

3. Now it’s time to get a virtual number. Proceed to the homepage of the website and set up its settings such as issuing country and service to register with.

4. Tap on the buy button.

5. Look for the purchased number at the top of the main page.

Everyone can obtain an anonymous number this way. It is convenient and takes no longer than several minutes. Getting it activated goes the same as if it was real phone number people use with their smartphones. There is no difference at this point. However, using a virtual number is not the only thing that can help people stay anonymous on the web. Read our recommendations below.

How to remain anonymous completely?

Protecting identity from being disclosed is a process that involves performing multiple actions. You can use virtual number for anonymity online and it will give an appropriate result. But it will likely do its best if there is a real name and photo on an account. They should be fake for sure. Moreover, it is also recommended to use VPN or Proxy software to connect to the server in another country and thereby hide your IP address. Summing up the above, the virtual phone number is really anonymous. However, it is only one of the things that are necessary for becoming completely anonymous on the internet.

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