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Is it possible to complete Netflix registration without a phone number?

create a Netflix account

There are a lot of those who would like to create a Netflix account without a phone number. Even though this streaming service seems to be harmless, people have multiple reasons for that. Some of them may not desire to receive future promotional material on their mobile device. Others have no problems with this but their phone number got unavailable and thus cannot be used for the appropriate purpose. Let’s also don’t forget about sellers — those who register new accounts and then sell them to other people. Got in one of these situations? Then this article is for you.

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Why it is better to create a Netflix account?

Sometimes people decide to buy an already registered account rather than create a new one. This is not a bad decision. However, this method has multiple disadvantages compared to new account registration. First of all, it is not safe. Netflix does a good job of tracking accounts that are used by completely different people with no ties. So there is always a high possibility that the purchased profile will get blocked for security purposes.

Even worse if the account is sold with an active subscription because most likely it has been stolen and belongs to another person. He might change its password at any time. This will lead to you losing not only access to an account but also money spent on purchasing it. On top of that, this method is just much more expensive than doing Netflix registration by yourself. For example, one registered account costs at least a few dollars. In addition, a new account can be opened for $0.25 without requiring a personal phone number. How? Explained below.

Registration with a temporary phone number for Netflix

Everyone can register an account on Netflix having no mobile phone number. It is enough to use a temporary number to perform this task. SMS-Man provides an opportunity to take advantage of this feature in the easiest way possible. Moreover, it is not necessary to worry about it being expensive. By working with direct suppliers we offer one of the lowest prices on the market. Obtaining a temporary phone number is the first stage in the process of registering an account on the most well-known streaming service with one. Here’s how to do it:

1. Register a profile at

2. Choose a payment method that looks convenient to you on the payment tab and replenish your balance through it.

3. Proceed to the homepage and select your country of origin or the one where you want the temporary number to be issued.

4. Use the search function on the same page and find Netflix.

5. Take a temporary phone number by pressing the buy button.

You own a temporary number available for registration now. It’s only left to get a Netflix verification code with it. For this, put this number on the registration page and proceed to verification by SMS. Once the verification code has been sent, open our platform once again and reveal it. Use this code to finish registration.

How many accounts can you have on Netflix?

Basically, one person can have only one account on Netflix. This is so because each account should be verified with a different mobile phone number. Most often one person has only one mobile number. But temporary phone numbers fix this issue. They make it possible to sign up for Netflix an unlimited number of times. The number of temporary numbers that may be used by a person is not restricted. So it is an awesome solution for those who for some reason need to create accounts in bulk.

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