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How to delete Wolt account in 2022

How to delete Wolt

Many people use it every day and order their favorite products home, but not all registered users of this service want to remain customers of this company, and choose competitors such as: Delivery Hero, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

Each of us is registered in a bunch of different applications and websites, which sometimes cannot always ensure the security of your confidential data. Therefore, information about the security of your bank cards, passwords and other personal information is more relevant today than ever. In this article, we would like to tell you about the ways to delete an account in the Wolt service.

How to delete Wolt account?

1st method:

To delete your profile, you need to go to the company’s website. Next, go to settings (icon on the right) and in the lower corner we see the support icon. A specialist is contacting you, who needs to send a request to delete the account, and it will be deleted within the nearest time.

2nd method:

You can delete your account by contacting Wolt Delivery: Food and more via email. Here’s how to process a request to delete account data:

In your email, specify the reasons why you want your data/account to be deleted. Please note that according to GDPR or CCPA, you do not need to specify the reason for your request.

Provide all the necessary information about your account in Wolt Delivery.

Specify the law according to which you are making the request — GDPR or CCPA

The 3rd method (deleting an app on iOS):

On the home screen, tap the Wolt Delivery icon and hold it until all the apps start shaking.

The “X” icon will appear in the upper right corner of the application.

Click on the “X” sign on the Wolt Delivery.

Click the red “Delete” button.

the 4th method (removing the application on Android)

Open Google Play

From the menu, go to Apps & Games.

In the list of applications on your phone, click on the application icon.

Then delete it.

How to create new Wolt account?

After deleting your account, you will not be able to register your old phone number if you want to create a profile in Wolt Delivery again. Therefore, we can offer you the services of SMS MAN company for the purchase of phone numbers. With our help, you can purchase a room for Wolt Delivery for just 30 cents.

1.Download the Wolt Delivery application to your operating system.

  1. Open the application and select “Registration”.
  2. We are offered a large number of ways to register, we are interested in the top one – “Enter phone or email”.
  3. Enter the date of birth. A field for entering a phone number appears.
  4. We turn off the Wolt Delivery for a while and go to the sms-man website.
  5. We pass a simple registration on sms-man.
    Registration SMS - MAN
  6. Go to the main page and select the “Payment” item in the top menu of the site. replenishment of the sms-man accountPayment sms-man
  7. We replenish the account in a convenient way.
  8. Go to the main page and select the “Wolt Delivery” service.
  9. Select the number and confirm receipt.
  10. Copy it in your personal account and paste it into the registration field in the tick tok application.
  11. Go back to the sms-man and click on the “Get sms” button.
  12. Copy the code and paste it in the Wolt Delivery application.

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