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Indian authorities blocked TikTok and other Chinese apps

Indian authorities blocked TikTok and other Chinese apps

India has imposed an official permanent ban on the use of 59 Chinese applications in the country, including the social network TikTok. Indian authorities blocked TikTok.

The video service TikTok leading the list of programs to be blocked. In addition, in India it will be impossible to use the mobile application of the Chinese social network WeChat, the UC browser, microblogging service Weibo and other apps.

Why Indian authorities blocked TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps

It was The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s decision. Prior to that, last June, Indian authorities banned the use of 59 Chinese-developed apps. Politicians calling them “detrimental” to the national security of the country. The authorities gave the developers an opportunity to explain their position on privacy and security requirements, as well as to answer a series of questions.

The government is not satisfied with the response or explanation given by these companies. Consequently, the ban for these 59 applications is now permanent,” the interlocutor told the TV channel.

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