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How to create a PariMatch account without phone number


PariMatch is a well-known Russian site for betting. You can register an account using a disposable phone number by buying it on our website. So, how to create PariMatch account?

How to create a new PariMatch account?

Initially, you need to register on the “Sms-man” service to purchase a virtual number. The standard form is used. Enter the email address and password for the profile on the site.

Then charge your balance. There are several payment methods on the site. . You can specify one of the convenient options for transferring funds. The amount is entered in a special field. It must be at least 399 rubles.

On the main page choose your country. Type “parimatch” in the search box and click “Buy”.

We go to the main page of the Sms-man service. Here you need to select the appropriate virtual number. The first stage indicates the country (there are more than 200 options). The second step is to select the PariMatch service. You can find it yourself in the list or register it in the search box. Click the ” Buy ” button to purchase, the funds will be debited from the account.

Register on the PariMatch website

Then click the “Get code” button on our website. The code may not come the first time. Try a few times. If the code doesn’t come within five minutes, cancel the number and try again.
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