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How to view and save passwords in Google Chrome

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When you visit any website or online service in Google Chrome browser, the system asks you if you want to save data. This is a useful option for those who regularly surf the internet. But not everyone knows where the saved passwords in Google Chrome are located and how to access them. We’ll answer all your questions.

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How do I find my saved passwords in Google Chrome?

The first important thing to decide for yourself when you’re visiting websites is whether or not to save your password and how to correctly save your password in Google Chrome. All you have to do is enter the details you’ve requested into the site, and Chrome will prompt you to remember them.

Want to view or change your password, but don’t remember or don’t know where the passwords are in Google Chrome?

Start by opening your browser. Click on the profile icon in the right corner (synchronisation must be switched on) and click on the passwords icon.

Next select the appropriate action:

View. There’s an icon to the right of the site that shows your password. If required, enter the password.

Change. To the right of the site, there is also an icon indicating other options. Click Change password.
Delete. From the same list of other actions, select Delete.

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Google Chrome passwords: How to save them automatically

If you don’t want to spend too much time in the browser entering your passwords over and over again when accessing certain sites, you can simply change your Chrome preferences by selecting to automatically save your passwords.

To do this, open your browser, click on the profile icon to the right in the corner, and then click on your password (if you can’t see your own account, you’ll need to synchronise). How do I save my password automatically in Google Chrome? Go to settings and switch on ‘Automatic login’.

Exporting passwords to Google Chrome

Users have the option of transferring their Google Chrome passwords to a specific file in case they need to, in other words, creating a usable copy. For example, it’s possible to upload the data to a CSV file. This is a very useful option, especially when a user needs to use passwords to visit sites in other browsers or to integrate them with a password manager.

How can I find passwords in Google Chrome and create a copy of my account?

The method described below is valid for OS Windows and macOS:

Launch the browser and enter its main menu.
Select Settings (use the icon in the corner on the right).
On the open page, find (on the left) AutoFill – click on Passwords. The second, quicker access option is via the address bar (just type chrome://settings/passwords).
How do I find passwords in Google Chrome and create a copy of my account?

Click on the icon to the right of ‘Saved Passwords’, and click on ‘Export Passwords’.
Exporting passwords in Google Chrome

It is likely that the system will ask for a password for your device as a security measure. You will then be able to select an appropriate location to save your Google Chrome password file.


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