How to verify Truecaller account without a phone number
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How to verify Truecaller account without a phone number

How to verify truecaller

TrueCaller is an application that is positioned as a caller ID. When an unknown caller calls your phone, the name of the caller is displayed on the screen (if available in the software database). Unknown numbers are tagged as bank, scammer, etc.

The app integrates with the built-in tool for making calls on a smartphone. This is convenient – when your phone receives an incoming call the app quickly identifies who it might be.

New Truecaller account features

  • TrueCaller has a feature to block spam and telephone sales agents who offer to buy products or use the services of various companies. You can also start a recording function so you can listen to the call later.
  • A database of scammers is constantly being updated. Any user can add the number of the scammer and information about him. Call history, contacts and settings can be saved in Google Drive cloud storage.
  • Users can edit their phone number – add a personal photo, change their name. This option determines how the subscriber will be displayed in the general database.
  • It is possible to choose which contacts to add to the application database and which not. Each number has a rating: for trusted organisations it is high, for fraudsters, spammers and traders it is low.
  • Users can specify which calls are to be blocked. TrueCaller has blocking statistics. You can block calls from major spammers (who are in the database). You can also set restrictions on receiving calls from unknown callers.
  • Let’s look at the main pros and cons of the TrueCaller app. Advantages:
  • Users have access to a worldwide database of numbers – it doesn’t matter what country you use the program in.
  • Integration into smartphone systems and fast display of number information.
  • Call recording function.
  • You can create a blacklist of numbers – callers who are on that list will not be able to call your phone.


  • You have to buy the premium version to get full access to TrueCaller features (although the basic version should suffice).

Let’s see how to bypass Truecaller verification

Our website SMS-MAN can help you with that. We can give you opportunity to purchase virtual number for the Truecaller. All you need to do is written in our step-by-step instruction.

  1. Firstly you need to go to our website SMS-MAN and create an account. The registration only needs email verification. registration sms-man
  2. Secondly you need to top up your balance. For that we have special tab “Payment”. By clicking it you will be forwarded to the page where you can select the payment method you trust most. (we recommend you to use USDTRC20)Payment sms-man
  3. Afterwards now you need to select the country to purchase the number. In our case it will be USAtruecaller phone
  4. Now type “Truecaller” in the search bar, so our system could find it from our service listtruecaller
  5. After that all you need to do is just to press the “BUY” buttonbuy truecaller

That’s all you need to do to purchase the virtual number to activate truecaller account.

It also would be great to use a VPN with a connection to servers in the country where the virtual number comes from. Most often online servers compare these parameters. If there is no match, the platform might not send a verification code for security purposes. So if you are not receiving it then make sure to fix it.


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