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How to Use Wickr Me without a Phone Number?

How to Use Wickr Me without a Phone Number

Wickr Me app offers a messaging service focused on privacy and security, ideal for anyone who values confidential communication. It provides end-to-end encryption for messages, voice calls, and video chats, ensuring that only the sender and recipient can view the conversation’s content, safeguarding it from unwanted interception. 

The privacy features make it popular among journalists, activists, and anyone looking for privacy. For even more security on the Wickr Me app, consider using a virtual number instead of your real one. In the following guide, SMS-Man shares insights into how these numbers work and the app’s features.

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What is Wickr Me Used For?

This service balances high-level encryption and user-friendliness, making secure chatting available to everyone. You can send direct messages or create groups, known here as rooms, for personal and professional purposes. Moreover, it allows for voice and video conferences for up to 70 participants.

What is Wickr Me App used for, beyond texting? You can exchange files, and multimedia, like pictures and videos, all encrypted for maximum privacy. A unique feature is its self-destructing messages; users can set timers for messages to disappear from all devices after a predetermined time automatically. 

Additionally, you can prevent message forwarding in the settings, which reduces the chance of information leakage. The Wickr Me app operates on a zero-knowledge policy. It means the company does not collect or have access to user messages, calls, or contacts, ensuring that your data remains private. 

Automated bots play a crucial role in chat rooms by sending notifications, answering common questions, explaining rules to newcomers, or acting as admins. With up to 500 members in a room, moderators can add or remove users, access history, and adjust notification settings to ensure a smooth community experience.

Is Wickr Me a dating app? This question might arise when people web-search for this service since it offers some of the dating app’s functionalities. The answer would be no because it focuses on professional discussion, secured by stringent privacy measures of the application.

You can customize your Wickr account by setting a picture and defining your name and bio. Wickr is multilingual, supporting English, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian. It’s compatible with PCs, Android, and iOS devices, with easy installation and registration. For detailed instructions on setting up an account, read the following section!

What is Wickr Me Used For?

How to Create a Wickr Account?

After installation, open the app and click the button to start the sign-up process for your Wickr account. It’s designed to be quick, with only two pieces of info needed to complete:

  • Phone number
  • Password

You’ll need to provide a phone number, which is key since it needs this data for security. It suggests a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols for the password, to further improve safety. Wickr Me might also suggest setting up a special question as a password recovery option—an optional but wise step to avoid losing access to your account.

After Wickr registration is complete, you can tweak your settings, like how you receive notifications and when your messages auto-destruct, to suit your privacy preferences. Now you’re all set to use Wickr Me for secure messaging. You can add contacts by searching for their usernames or by sharing your Wickr ID with them. 

Because the service is committed to privacy, it won’t populate your contacts automatically—you’ll add the people you want to communicate with manually. Its developers also won’t share your number with third parties. If you still feel wrong in providing this data to the Wickr Me app, consider replacing it with a virtual alternative.

Virtual Numbers for Wickr Me App

Virtual numbers operate just like normal ones, with the difference of avoiding SIM cards in operation. They only need the Internet to work, and you don’t need to provide identity details. This feature makes them a great alternative to traditional phone numbers.

Another feature of these numbers is the variety of options available. There is a group of products that can make and receive calls and messages, serving as an additional phone line for businesses. For things like anonymous Wickr registration, you can take a look at one-time numbers that accept verification messages.

SMS-Man sells the latter option, offering a way to receive verification SMS messages from 1500+ applications anonymously. You can choose from about 200 countries on the list. You can choose from about 200 countries on the list, and their price for that doesn’t exceed 1$.

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Check this guide to create an anonymous Wickr account with such a number:

  1. Sign up on or use your Google+ account to join.
  2. Locate the ‘top-up’ option on the screen and deposit money through it.
  3. Choose the service and select the country, click ‘buy SMS’ for the desired service.
  4. Add the number to your profile and make a copy of it.
  5. Use it to complete the phone verification.
  6. Return to your profile and click ‘receive SMS.’
  7. Use the code you received to finish the Wickr registration.

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