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How to Bypass if Your Uber Account is Blocked?

How to Bypass if Your Uber Account is Blocked

Have you just tried to log in to the Uber application and discovered the notification saying that your Uber account blocked, right? If it happens, keep calm since it is pretty common for many users and you are able to unblock it. But what are the reasons and how to bypass the blocking from the service? Let’s found out.

But first, let’s take a journey through the applications best features and opportunities for both riders and drivers.

what is Uber driver app

Briefly on Uber

If you need to get a ride to almost any place in the world at any time of the day, Uber seems a great option. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, the application helps renting a taxi to all the age categories from minors to older ones.

The integrated GPS allows users to set a destination when making an order. Moreover, you can choose a type of taxi that is comfortable for their needs and wallet. With Uber, you can select various car classes, including economic, comfortable, and premium-level vehicles. Besides, with Uber, you can order a taxi with a child seat or for transporting an animal.

Uber also provides various payment options for users. The app allows them to pay with a debit or credit card or by linking a PayPal account. So, you do not need to have cash in your pocket to pay for a trip.

Moreover, Uber is also concerned about the security of their users, by integrating into the application the ability to transmit trip information to loved ones. Also, it has the integrated functionality for calling emergency services in case of emergency. Besides, right in the application, you can check information about the drivers that will come for you. This way, you can check their rating, a profile picture, and reviews from previous riders. Also, you can track your trip route, discover the preliminary cost, and leave your feedback about the driver and the trip itself.

As for the drivers, the Uber application is one of the most convenient and flexible opportunities to make a living and have high-level earnings. Although the company takes the reputation of its services seriously and can block driver accounts for violating the Uber rules.

Next, let’s learn more about the rules of the cab app and the main reasons for blocking.

Why Did Uber Blocked My Account?

Why Did Uber Blocked My Account?

Depending on whether we are talking about a rider or driver account, there are different answers to why Uber blocked your account. Though, all the cases of blocking are a result of breaking one of the Uber rules.

Reasons for the Riders Uber Account Blocked

  • Inappropriate behavior towards the driver during a trip that goes against the driver’s safety. Utilizing strong language, any physical damage caused to the driver, bringing alcohol or drugs into the car, etc. may be regarded as unsecure behavior towards the driver and the grounds to the Uber account blocked.
  • Destroying driver’s property. Vomiting from alcohol consumption, significant harm to the driver’s car or other property, any manifestations of intentional vandalism can also result in you being charged with a fee or blocked from the application.
  • Any fraudulent actions. Faking private data when registering an account, creating duplicate accounts, conspiring with drivers — all these actions Uber may consider as examples of inappropriate activity.

Reasons for the Drivers Uber Account Blocked

  • Canceling trips too often. When you clicked the “Accept Order” button, you automatically agreed to the terms offered by Uber. On average, it is not recommended to cancel more than 1 in 10 orders. Doing it more often, you take a risk to get a ban.
  • Rarely accepting trips. This case is similar to the previous one. If you are too selective when choosing for a trip, you also risk having your Uber account blocked once.
  • Having a low rating. A low driver rating can cause account restrictions to be imposed and discourage new customers.
  • Using the account registered for another person. Sooner or later the app will detect it, and this will also cause the Uber account deactivation.
  • Receiving too many complaints from your riders. If they are related to the same or similar issue. For example, if you often exceed the set speed limits.
  • Having expired documents. It is important to keep an eye on the date on your documents and update them on time, as this could be one of the reasons your account is deleted.
  • Offensive behavior towards a rider. There may be situations when you have to give a ride to people intoxicated or in another altered state of consciousness. In this case, if you were rude with a customer, they can file a complaint against you with the wording “attempted to use physical force”.

Refusing to ride animals. Sure, animals can ruin your vehicle’s salon. But note that if you clicked on the “Start trip” button, you have already taken the order.

How to Unlock Uber Account?

As for the drivers, it is not always possible to do it since everything depends on the severity of reasons for why your Uber account blocked. Thus, for example, if you have got into a serious accident while having a passenger on board or you have received complaints from several passengers regarding the same issue, the app will probably impose a permanent ban on your account.

Although, for minor violations you can connect to the support. This is possible through filling out the devoted form to argue your account suspension or deactivation.

Moreover, if you were temporarily blocked because you cancel trips too often or accept them too rarely as well as having a low rating, you may probably get reactivated after taking a course on boosting your customer service quality.

But how to unlock Uber account if you are a customer? Unlike for the drivers, it is more complicated for them to appeal their account deactivation from Uber. This is especially true if you have seriously broken Uber’s terms of service or Code of Conduct towards the driver. Though, you still can take a chance to argue the app’s decision by directly contacting the support.

Wondering how to create an Uber account without a phone number? Read in our article here.

However, if they won’t unlock your Uber account, consider downloading other transportation apps or creating a new account using a virtual phone number.


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