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How to Create an Uber Account without a Phone Number

How to Create an Uber Account without a Phone Number

Uber is a transportation service that operates food deliveries and taxi rides. It has a large network of drivers worldwide, accessible through a well-designed, user-friendly app. It is fast, simplifies life, and has an effective accountability mechanism for drivers.

Uber is among the most downloaded apps in the world, owing to its massive utility. It was the first app to introduce a large network of on-demand taxi drivers. The Uber Eats section, the delivery branch, came later. The two aspects help save time in the busy routine and increase general comfort. To enjoy Uber, users need an account, but creating an account requires a phone number.

Why Use Uber app?

So, what is Uber feature-wise? Uber is a must-have addition for people with busy schedules or a simple desire for comfort. Clients can get food or a driver in several clicks in a single app. Said app is designed to uphold speed, comfort, and trust.


Knowing this, several key advantages of the Uber experience come to mind:

  • Speed. An order is placed with several clicks, and it takes relatively little time to arrive.
  • Design. The app interface is a convenient, clear, and well-balanced design.
  • Accountability. Uber and Uber Eats drivers have a personal rating, influenced by user reviews. Failure to deliver a good service can result in punishment.
  • Low prices. Uber is cheaper than regular taxi services, and Uber Eats is an affordable delivery service.

But what is Uber in terms of accessibility? Starting on Uber is also simple. The app is available on Google Play, App Store and has a web version. You need an active account, which requires very little information. Consumers need a phone number to start. While providing it is uncomfortable, it’s the only detail necessary for registration.

Why Does Uber Need My Phone?

Registering here requires a working phone number. Other personal details can be added later for better distinction. To apply for a driver, users must submit a copy of a driver’s license and other info. However, the phone data plays no role in the active user experience.

But what is Uber doing with phone data? This information is meant for security measures. Customer verification using phone info is a common practice among online businesses. It prevents the creation of multiple accounts, protecting the system from scammers and previously blocked users. It’s ineffective, but the mechanism is popular among companies.

Phone numbers have little utility past registration. They protect user accounts from theft and to restore access in case of theft. However, Uber isn’t as important for most users, and nothing in Uber functionality demands that you share a personal number.

Uber Registration Process

The registration takes mere moments, as the service requires little besides phone information. You only need to receive the verification message, which arrives immediately. No additional authorization is required – the account is functional following this little procedure.

The phone number is the essential part of Uber registration, can’t complete the account without one. This is stressful for some people because entrusting such personal data to an app puts compromising details at its mercy. Moreover, why submit a sensitive piece of data when it’s not integral to the experience?

The mandatory nature of data collection is also outrageous to some folks. Regardless, while registering on Uber without phone number is impossible, you can use a non-personal number. For example, the ideal solution may be to use a virtual phone number to register.

How can I get a virtual number for Uber registration

Virtual numbers are the best solution for anonymous Uber registration. Buying a separate SIM card for registration messages works, but it’s costly and overkill. Virtual numbers receive messages like regular numbers and cost much less. The ones sold by SMS-man only receive messages. They are cheaper and just as effective.

virtual phone number for uber

Instructions how to use virtual number for Uber registration:

  1. Register at, or log in with your Facebook or Twitter account;
  2. Find the “recharge” section in the menu on the left and make a deposit;
  3. Select on the main page the country and the service “Uber”, and then click on “Buy”;
  4. Find purchased virtual number in the section “History” and copy it.
  5. Use it in the process of registering your Uber account;
  6. When the system sends you a verification code, go back to SMS-man and click “Get SMS”;
  7. Use the code you received to verify the registration.

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