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How to Create Mercado Libre Account without a Phone Number?

Create Mercado Libre Account without a Phone Number

Today one won’t be surprised with the opportunity to buy goods and products online, and the trend in recent years is the transition from marketplace websites to mobile applications. Right in the application you can order any item after choosing it from the synhonized digital catalog. Moreover, you can opt for the appropriate geolocation, convenient delivery time, payment method, profitable discounts, etc.

The same is true for the Mercado Libre service, the leading e-com platform throughout the countries of Latin America. What is Mercado Libre, and what are the requirements for registering on the platform? Let’s check in today’s blog post.

What is Mercado Libre

What is Mercado Libre?

Mercado Libre is the biggest marketplace and e-commerce platform in the region of Latin America, founded in 1999 in Argentina. The marketplace offers a wide range of products from electronics, household appliances, vehicles and groceries to goods for children, clothing from world brands, beauty and health products, and various kinds of services.

For example, after completing the Mercado Libre login, the list of available services includes:

  • Ordering installation or repair of household appliances.
  • Buying participation in a cooking course.
  • Making an appointment with a dentist or other doctor.
  • And many more.

Moreover, the service has its own payment platform, called MercadoPago. It allows users to utilize money stored on the in-service wallet to pay for purchases, along with other available options. In general, on the Merdcaro Libre marketplace, you can pay with card, debit, in cash or in up to 12 installments.

In addition, the marketplace offers protection for every purchase, providing product insurance for 28 days after purchase if you do not receive the item, and 30 days after receipt if you found it to be defective. Furthermore, the company is crucially concerned to provide the best possible service, so it also supports the reputation system where each user can assume various purchase parameters to impact the seller’s reputation.

One of the best advantages of the marketplace for sellers seems to be that it is pretty simple to register a Mercado Libre account, integrate the product catalog and start selling. Also, the service does not apply any commissions for maintenance and account registration. And this is especially profitable for small and medium-sized merchants.

So, how can you start using Mercado Libre? Let’s take a closer look at all aspects in the next section.

Mercado Libre App

Mercado Libre Registration

To start buying or becoming a seller on the platform, first of all, you need to complete the Mercado Libre login after registering an account, whether it is a company account or a personal one.

The platform does not require much data when registering. If you register as a buyer, you must provide a username, email address, and create a strong password. To register a company account, in addition to this data, you will also need to provide the company name. This is also the name of your store.

In addition, the platform allows you to easily transform your personal account into a business account. It is possible in a few clicks by changing the settings and adding the necessary information.

Moreover, since online stores and marketplaces are very vulnerable to fraud, the Mercado Libre marketplace, like other modern e-com platforms, protects user accounts by verifying holders with a phone number. So, submitting a mobile number is also a necessary requirement. But the only challenge is that the platform only accepts numbers from Latin American countries.

If you do not have the appropriate cell phone number, the optimal way seems to be to purchase a temporary virtual number for registration with the required national code. How does it work? Let’s figure it out further.

Virtual Number for Mercado Libre Account

Virtual numbers with a limited validity period allow you to receive SMS messages just like conventional cellular numbers. So this is one the most convenient methods to pass verification in international services and applications without the need to obtain a SIM card. So, this suits well for the Mercado Libre login.

Though they work differently, compared to cellular numbers, enabling OTP reception through the specialized vendor’s platform. Since such numbers are not connected to any physical address, you can purchase a number for any required country regardless of where you are geolocated. Thus, with this service, you can maintain anonymity on the web without the opportunity to be traced by the platform where you are using such a number.

For example, the SMS-Man activation platform for temporary virtual numbers provides national codes for 190+ countries and supports registration in 1000+ services. Additionally, purchasing a disposable number will cost you on average between $0.14 and $0.40 per number.

virtual phone number

To purchase a virtual number for the Mercado Libre registration and further verification, follow the steps:

  1. Register an account on using email or join via your Gmail account.
  2. Top up the account balance with an appropriate sum via AliPay, Payeer, Advcash, by card or other available options.
  3. To obtain a one-time use number, enter ‘Receive SMS’, opt for ‘Mercado Libre’ from the list and the required country.
  4. Nap the Buy button.
  5. After that, go to the ‘History’ section to copy the number for your Mercado libre login. Submit it to the marketplace.
  6. Then get back to your SMS-man account and reveal an OTP by clicking the ‘Receive SMS’ button. It is located to the right of the number.
  7. Utilize the code.

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