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How to use Terabox app without a phone number

How to use

Terabox app

Terabox is a cloud-based information storage system available through the rental of storage space, which also allows you to store data confidentially. It’s very convenient! So, you don’t have to constantly store files on your computer’s hard drive or USB flash drive – it’s enough to simply transfer all the files to cloud storage and not worry about filling up your phone or computer’s memory. Terabox allows you to store up to 1 terabyte of information for free. Definitely simply download the application, register and upload the necessary files to the network. For example similar services are Google drive and dropbox. Terabox app.

Registration stage in terabox app

So you need to download the app to your iOS or Android device, then click on the terabox icon. After launching, you will have to log in using various methods, whether it’s a Google account or a phone number. Then, at first glance, everything is quite simple and an ordinary network user will have no problems with authorization, but there are also nuances for users of China, Russia and other countries where this application does not function well. To do this, we offer you an alternative option of registration with the help of SMS-MAN company. Definitely this is a fairly simple and effective way.

SMS-MAN service

Using the example of terabox, we will try to explain how our service works. So, here is a small instruction with which it will be very easy and convenient for you to register in the terabox application.
​​1. Firstly download the antivirus “Terabox” for your operating system.
2. Secondly open the program and select the “Registration” item.
3. Thirdly we are offered a large number of ways to register, we are interested in the top one – “Enter phone or email”.
4. Then enter the date of birth. A field for entering a phone number appears.
5. We turn off the antivirus for a while and go to the site

Registration SMS - MAN
6. We pass a simple registration on

Payment sms-man
7. Go to the main page and select the “Payment” item in the top menu of the site → replenishment of the SMS-MAN account
8.Then we replenish the account in a convenient way.

Find and buy number
9.Go to the main page and select the service “Terabox”.
10. Select the number and confirm receipt.
11.Copy it in your personal account and paste it into the registration field in the Terabox application.
12. We return to and click on the “Get SMS” button.
13. Copy the code and paste it in the Terabox application.

Generally, after completing all the steps, you can easily use all the services of the terabox application and store a huge amount of information in the cloud storage!

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