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How to use Parity Software without a Phone Number?

How to use Parity Software without a Phone Number

What is Parity? Parity is a software developed in the US to advance employee compensation options. The application helps improve the company’s performance with a convenient monitoring system that provides information on employees’ profits and compensation amounts you should give them.

The application is committed to creating a culture of transparency in the companies where it’s used. Given this feature, Parity can become a valuable operational asset worth exploring separately. So, what is Parity feature-wise? What does the registration look like? This piece can answer.


What is Parity Like?

The application’s task is to ease the burden of compensation management from the employing company, so it can develop a corporate culture of understanding, sincerity & transparency while keeping employees within the office. What is Parity software’s way to accomplish this goal? Parity offers many solutions that focus on the valuation of company-related things to improve efficiency.


These include the following:

  • Job Evaluation. Users can check company positions, set appropriate compensations, compare & provide detailed descriptions for them. One can also unite the jobs into groups according to legal criteria.
  • Employee Valuation. This Parify software feature lets customers create worksheets highlighting employee demographics, names, total compensation, ID, etc. This can help understand whether modifications are needed, identify & justify discrepancies, etc.
  • Performance Evaluation. This solution will be available in 2024 and will allow employees to compare key performance indicators to ensure that salaries remain fair and deserved. The Parity software team will support various international standards so that users have something to check when making comparisons.

The developers don’t offer a wide range of compensation and HR solutions, but they have done their best to polish existing ones. With Parity, you can simplify your payroll system, reduce employee attrition, and gain peace of mind.

The service offers a free trial and a wide array of monthly/annual subscription options, varying by company size, number of user licenses, etc. The pricing with all features of Parity software and popular questions is available on their website. You can switch the plans by contacting the support service.

Parity’s website runs a modern interface design that manages a blog, FAQ corner, support team, the About page with customer reviews & developer description, and account registration option, which is discussed later.

How to Create a Parity Account?

Whatever the reason to join, you must create a Parity account to enjoy the app. Signing up involves a simple process that requires your username plus an email or phone number. When you provide your contact information, a verification message will be sent so you can complete your registration. 

The app requires a number as part of identity confirmation measures. But what is Parity doing with this data? This information helps prevent people from creating fake accounts and therefore increases security. Still, they collect this info in databases, causing various security risks.

This adds reasons to register via a fake number if your country has limited access to the Parity system. Use online numbers to create a hassle-free Parity account. You’ll end up keeping your data safe and mailbox clean.

Virtual Numbers for Parity Software Account

Virtual numbers are mostly similar to traditional mobile numbers, but you can get it online. They are much cheaper as they do not require a SIM card to operate. However, they are just as effective, allowing you to create anonymous accounts from any country in applications such as Parity Software.

Online numbers accept SMS messages but do not provide calling capabilities, creating an optimal solution for anonymous registration without raising security concerns with the application. These products are purchased from web-based providers such as SMS-Man.

virtual phone number for parity

What is the Parity registration using an online number? Follow this tutorial:

  1. Check & create an account
  2. Add some funds (1 USD is enough), 
  3. click “Buy SMS”, 
  4. Select the country & service to buy a one-time confirmation SMS.
  5. Press “buy SMS” near the required service button.
  6. Find the number in recent requests.
  7. Enter this number when asked.
  8. Visit, then pick “Receive SMS”.
  9. Use the code & complete your Parity account.

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