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How to Create JustDating Account without a Phone Number?

Create JustDating Account without a Phone Number

What is JustDating? JustDating is mobile software mainly for US users & Asians, seeking friends, relationships, or just small talks online and then in person. The application supports a few countries & regions, so it may be uncomfortable.

The JustDating app’s functionality matches its name. This service provides only a high-quality interface and dating functions. Disregarding this, the software still has something to attract attention. So, what is JustDating, in overview?

What is JustDating?

What is JustDating?

JustDating aims to establish a cosy online space, allowing for exciting conversations between people who seek expression of their feelings, love and passion. Let’s see how this dating application fulfils these promises.

JustDating app

What is JustDating first impression? like The app welcomes new visitors with a simple user interface, containing 5 sections, including:

  • Discovery. Here, users can check other people to swipe right and show they want to talk or swipe left to skip this person’s profile.
  • Nearby. Here, people can use location data to find the neighbouring folks. This feature helps both find a like-minded person and navigate in an unfamiliar city.
  • Chat Service. The section allows JustDating account owners to send text/audio messages and pictures or make video & audio calls.
  • Find Dates. Users can check the list of people including their photos, age, location & how many people applied to start a conversation.
  • News. This function adds additional networking opportunities to JustDating by letting visitors post pictures & text content publicly.

Also, users can register an upgraded JustDating account up to VIP level, increasing visibility and providing additional dating opportunities. The full information is available on the site, but in Chinese. Pricing comes in 4 options: $10.99/week, $29.99/month, $69.99/three months, $189.99/year.

The app can raise awareness, attract new visitors to make a JustDating account, but its features are certainly too few. The app is used by a small number of users. Plus, JustDating has many fake accounts. Disregarding this, existing functions help you find soulmates, which is useful.

No browser version is available, but the service has a website with a blog, support team, features & the option to register a JustDating account.

How to Make a JustDating Account?

The service is used mainly in the US and Asia, partially closing itself off from external users and influencing the registration process. You can sign up using your number, email, or Apple account. The first two options require a password.

JustDating account registration by mobile requires phone data from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, US & South Korea. This option seems inconvenient, but is actually useful, as it lets bypass registration requirements via third-party numbers.

When entering virtual numbers, you don’t have to provide personal information like email address or Apple data, putting them at risk of spam attacks or mishandling. You’ll be able to register JustDating profile and use the service with no limitations & risk of exposure.

SMS-Man recommends not sharing private data wherever possible, especially with little-known apps like JustDating. Information security often equates to your personal physical safety. Virtual numbers can help both increase security and register on applications that do not support your country.

How to Create JustDating Account without a Phone Number?

What is JustDating registration using virtual (online) numbers like? First, let’s explore how they work. When creating a number, cloud-based software is used that ignores geographical location & devices. The use of online numbers is not monitored or illegal. If yes, only suppliers would be affected.

SMS-Man is a trusted virtual phone numbers provider for thousands who value internet security & confidentiality. You can use virtual numbers not only to create a JustDating account, but also to sign up for other 1000s of additional applications.

There are two types of use of virtual numbers available — long-term lease up to 3 months and one-time use. The first option allows you to rent a phone number for up to 3 months and receive unlimited SMS messages. The second option is much cheaper, but you can receive only one SMS message.

virtual phone number for justdating

So, to get a virtual phone number, follow the steps below:

  1. Register or log in at
  2. Find the “Top up my balance” option and make a deposit.
  3. Select your country and the “JustDating”, then click the “Buy SMS” button.
  4. Copy your phone number from the “History” section, then specify it during registration.
  5. Wait for the dating site to send you a verification code.
  6. Go back to SMS-Man and click the “Receive SMS” button.
  7. Enter the verification code to complete the registration.

The registration procedure using a rented number is slightly different; you can select the rental period and then create JustDating account. Check out the SMS-Man blog to find out more.

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