How to Use Miles and More App without a Phone Number?
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How to Use Miles and More App without a Phone Number?

Miles and More App without a Phone Number

What is Miles and More in terms of functionality? The service gives you instant access to the Lufthansa service card, which you need to save money on airfare. Also, it gives an overview of your travel activity and allows you to set personal travel goals. Originally launched as a Lufthansa loyalty program in 1993, the program is now available on nearly 40 airlines worldwide.

To take full advantage, you need to be constantly engaged with the app and utilize its various features and manage your balance. This Miles and More app guide covers the features and registration requirements. For example, such as phone number verification. But, you can bypass this step by studying SMS-Man’s guide.

Miles and More app

What is Miles and More in Detail?

This application enhances your experience as a traveler with Lufthansa and its partner organizations by offering a platform for managing your flyer miles. To maximize your benefits on this app, you need a closer look at its features, so here is a detailed list for assistance:

  • The Miles and More app allows you to view Lufthansa service card details to check your current miles balance and past transactions. Most airlines let frequent customers accumulate loyalty points, called miles or kilometers. You can exchange them for tickets and additional bonuses.
  • You have several options to get more miles with this service. Signing up for a Miles and More account brings you 500 miles as a right-away bonus. You can also receive a reward for applying for its Elite Mastercard—a credit option earning you 2 miles per $1 on purchases in Lufthansa or affiliates and 1 mile per $1 on all other ones.
  • Booking flights also earns you points. There are four accumulation options: Award Miles, Status Miles, Executive Bonus Miles, and HON Circle Miles, each with distinct methods to earn Miles and More points. They depend on the flight type, class, and distance. Moreover, frequent customers can earn extra miles when flying.

The company’s offers and promotions allow you to earn more miles not only for flying, but also for purchasing subscriptions to partner services and products.

What is Miles and More

Special features of Miles and More App

Beyond the convenience of these features, you can track your mile accumulation and plan flights with a calculator, earn Miles and More points monthly by participating in quizzes. Also, embark on personalized travel challenges with MyChallenge. You can even have your points credited retroactively.

As we described earlier, you get a 500 mile welcome bonus when you create an account. But did you know that when you sign up, it asks for your personal information? This is necessary for the company to identify you. To know what you need to provide upfront, check out the next section where SMS-Man reveals the hidden nuances of the process.

What Do You Need For A Miles and More Account?

So, what is Miles and More asking for account setup? To begin registering for free, click the designated button on the program’s official website or download the application on IOS or Android and initiate the process. Afterward, the service will request the following information to create your Travel ID:

  • Full name and your gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Country and residential address;
  • Contact e-mail and make up a password;
  • Verification Phone Number.

But did you know that you don’t have to provide a personal phone number to register with Miles and More? You can use a virtual phone number. This provides additional protection without violating the ToS or privacy policy. Also, it doesn’t negatively impact your user experience because it’s only needed for identification and update notifications. So what is the Miles and More application when you sign up with a virtual phone number? Let’s find out.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Miles and More Signup?

A virtual phone number works over the internet, allowing you to use any national codes without local SIM cards and accept verification messages from online services. They rely on VoIP technology, allowing you to receive texts anonymously online. This flexibility makes them ideal for those seeking internet security.

Basically, hackers and spammers won’t be able to contact you through a Miles and More account because you don’t provide your details for purchase, making them valuable for those who watch their privacy online. SMS-Man offers virtual phone numbers starting at $0.10. They support about 190 different countries and can be used to register with over 2,000 apps and websites.

virtual phone number

How to use it? Find out in this detailed guide:

  1. Join using social media or e-mail.
  2. Make a deposit using the “Top up balance” menu.
  3. Select the country of your phone number and Miles and More App.
  4. Then click on the “Buy SMS” button next to the service you have selected.
  5. Copy your one-time phone number from the “History” section.
  6. Start registration in the app with it and wait for the code of confirmation.
  7. Then, go back to SMS-Man and tap “Get SMS”.
  8. Enter the code to complete the registration.

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