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How to Use Indodax Exchange without a Phone Number?

How to Use Indodax Exchange without a Phone Number?

Indodax exchange lets its participants conduct all kinds of monetary operations with the cryptocurrencies, including selling, p2p transferring, exchanging, and buying. It offers a wide spectrum of coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and 160 more. This crypto exchange is a major hub for traders and investors not only in Indonesia but all over the world.

The exchange has received certification from both the Indonesian government and the international organizations that let it operate worldwide. This is possible due to its robust security protocols that the platform offers to its users, including phone registration, KYC practices and encryption. So, what is Indodax in terms of its functionality? Let’s find out.

Indodax Exchange

What is Indodax Exchange?

The main activity on the exchange takes place on its trading platform, where visitors can see their crypto-assets, their sell/buy rate in Indonesian rupiah, the % change in price and many other indicators. The crypto exchange offers two markets – the IDR market for the Indonesian sector and the USDT market where you can see all prices in dollars.

To teach new traders and investors how to use the platform and help them to enter the Indodax exchange, there is an Academy. In the Academy you can find a lot of video and text tutorials. Also, you can find some valuable information on the YouTube channel and blog.

The exchange earns money through commissions that are charged from users for various actions, including depositing and withdrawing funds, buying, transferring and trading. The amount of commission depends on the amount of money processed through Indodax and is usually less than 2%. Also, you can find more information on their official blog.

Since its launch in 2014, Indodax exchange has grown into the largest cryptocurrency platform in Indonesia with 5 million active traders. The platform’s top priority is user privacy and security, so Indodax has added dual authentication, encryption, and email/SMS verification protocols, and created an article to help users maintain account security.

Indodax can be used either through a browser or through the mobile app, available for free on IOS and Android. Both versions offer the same functionality and have a simple yet informative interface design. All users can safely and easily sign up and manage their Indodax account. If you are interested in doing so, check out the information on registration in the next section.

indodax website

What is Indodax Registration?

The registration process is pretty standard for cryptocurrency exchanges. You must follow these simple instructions to finalize it:

  • Provide a username.
  • Specify your email and phone number.
  • Verify the number via SMS.

Notably, you can only use a phone number from the 40 countries that the crypto exchange supports. Once you finish the registration, you need to pass the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedure that requests the scan or photo of your passport plus a picture of your face. The entire process typically takes no more than 24 hours.

Indodax Registration

Indodax exchange requires phone and email number confirmations as it was required by the Indonesian government and organizations that regulate international activities of the platform. By requesting numbers and emails, Indodax aims to improve the anti-fraud protection measures. 

Disregarding the clear security benefits, you can bypass some of these requirements. For example, you don’t have to specify your main email or phone number but confirm the auto-generated ones. If you don’t want to share your mobile number information, consider the virtual number as a way to get an Indodax login

Virtual Numbers for Indodax Account

Virtual phone numbers are analogous to traditional phone numbers, but they can be purchased over the Internet. You will not be required to provide any personal information, so this service is completely anonymous. They are cloud-based, cost-effective and useful. You can get a phone number from any country, regardless of your actual location.

SMS-Man is a global provider of virtual numbers that focus on accepting verification messages. It’s a comfortable way to pass the Indodax number confirmation and register.

virtual phone number for indodax

So, what is Indodax registration by an auto-generated mobile number? Here is a stepwise guide by SMS-Man: 

  1. Register on using your social media.
  2. Replenish your balance via the ‘top up’ option above. 
  3. Select the nation and application, then press ‘Buy SMS’.
  4. Spot the number in your profile.
  5. Copy it, and use while registering.
  6. During the confirmation process, get back to SMS-Man and pick ‘Get SMS’.
  7. Finalize an Indodax login.

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