How to Use Hepsiburada Marketplace without a Phone Number?
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How to Use Hepsiburada Marketplace without a Phone Number?

Hepsiburada Marketplace without a Phone Number

Been looking to shop online in Turkey? Try the Hepsiburada Marketplace platform! This is the leading player in this corner of the Turkish internet space, with countless partners and millions querying ‘What is Hepsiburada?’ and registering an account to buy things here. 

The marketplace helps over 60 million people nationwide find & buy items, making their everyday life routine easier & brighter. You need to obtain a Turkish number for an account, which is quite feasible even without a local SIM card—just buy a virtual number from SMS-man. First things first, let’s get acquainted with Hepsiburada Marketplace.

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What is Hepsiburada Marketplace?

Hepsiburada is a large online platform that meets the needs of manufacturing companies rather than small sellers. That being said, brands publish the products on the Hepsiburada portal, while individual can’t. The focus on producers lets them better refine delivery and refunding plus gives quality guarantees where possible.

So, Hepsiburada has 10K+ products, from clothing or home care goods to electronics of the latest models, parts for different devices, things for any occasion. The specific filters, search function, and detailed product cards will help visitors view the product pictures, name, manufacturer & description—all this is available on the Hepsiburada portal.

They offer location choices affecting the speed & ability to deliver certain items. There is a premium account status—a monthly subscription that includes discounts, improved delivery conditions, unique offers, reduced commissions, cashback, etc. Any user can pay via Hepsipay, the marketplace’s e-wallet. 

What is Hepsiburada regarding user features? It runs a Q&A feature, where users can ask the sellers directly and get a reply, as well as customer support, reviews, gift coupons, wishlists, favorites — everything like other shopping sites, but with Turkish specifications. And this is the key feature of the service — you can buy items online throughout Turkey, but a local phone number is required, which is discussed below.

What is Hepsiburada Marketplace

Hepsiburada Account Signup

Sadly, you won’t be able to use Hepsiburada in English, which means a translation service can be of use to register and browse the service. The sign up procedure requires your email address or mobile number, plus your name & password. If you add the number, they’ll send an SMS code to confirm it.

Sending a phone number is optional, you can also register with an e-address, and the confirmation process will include a letter with a link like and follow-up instructions. Whatever the choice, you will still need to give up a piece of privacy, which can then be exploited for spamming and phishing attacks on you. 

You probably don’t want that, so consider the precautions while passing the Hepsiburada registration or similar process elsewhere. One such method could be a spare address/number. An even more advanced method is virtual phone data from SMS-man.

Virtual Number for Hepsiburada Account

A virtual number is mobile data operating entirely in the cloud, with no connection to SIM cards. Depending on the vendor, these numbers can receive and send calls, plus have SMS inboxes, so they can be used for Hepsiburada registration. They’re highly cost-effective, privacy-friendly, and genuinely stable.

SMS-man sells SMS-capable cloud numbers with nearly 200 national codes, including the Turkish ones. You can rent or buy them, the difference lies in the number’s functionality. At the same time, rented numbers work up to four months and accept numerous messages, purchased ones cost a mere dollar and expire after the first time.

In the end, you can register a Hepsiburada account without extra effort. Just use the Turkish disposable virtual number accepted by the app as a regular number.

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Here’s how to buy a virtual phone number:

  1. Firstly, check, create an account and log in.
  2. Secondly, replenish your balance with some money.
  3. Thirdly, choose ‘buy SMS’ on the front page.
  4. Fourthly, select the service (Hepsiburada) and country (Turkey).
  5. Then, your account archive, copy the virtual phone number.
  6. Enter it during the registration.
  7. Finally, receive an SMS in your profile, finish the Hepsiburada account.

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