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How to Create Payby Account without a Phone Number?

Create Payby Account without a Phone Number

What is Payby? The app’s AppleStore page describes them as an Abu Dhabi-based fintech company whose mission is to meet your payment needs with fingerprint recognition technology designed to secure your transactions. However, this is not Payby’s only product.

Payby runs an ecosystem of solutions united in a mobile application and website. They make e-commerce easier by allowing people to make & accept payments seamlessly. So, what is Payby ecosystem detail-wise & how does it work?

What is Payby?

Payby offers two product groups, business & payments. The latter includes these solutions:

  • In-store QR payments via hardware mentioned above. They offer discounts for QR payments in affiliate stores.
  • Online fingerprint payments. Claimed to be the industry-leading method, plus it’s very convenient & supportive of many physical retail and e-commerce platforms, e.g. Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart.
  • Seamless instant transfers. They support top-level processing protocols, ensuring that the money reaches the recipient safely and on time. But you need to connect your bank card to your Payby account.
  • Split payments. Meant to take out frustration from checking out in restaurants & stores, this function allows users to share a QR code or payment link to divide the transaction between friends & family members.
  • Apple Pay. They allow for smooth payments made via linked Apple account balance. Plus, there is a prepaid virtual card from the partnering app, Botim, easy to use with Apple Pay.
  • Union Pay International Card Support. One can link the Payby account with a UPI card. Upon linking, one can add funds from the card balance directly to PayBy. There are QR payments and the Tap & Pay function, both available in partnering stores, offering contactless QR readers & card terminals.
  • Cash gifts. The users can send gifts to friends & family members using an online system. Group gifts can be set out, with the capability to select the amount and number of receivers.

payby website

Payby for Business

The business group means products that help facilitate commerce on physical merchant outlets:

  • Smart POS: that thing with a sensor screen people hold their NFC-equipped phones & bank cards to for a purchase. They promise the world-class, AI-supported security of Payby account owners plus QR scanning capability, all in one.
  • Smart Box: a small checkout box that allows reading QR codes from the payer’s phone. Not as multi-functional as POS, but it can be set up & connected to terminals within moments. Plus, it looks nice.
  • Smart Code: small tabletop signage or sticker with extra info & payment QR code scannable through the app interface. Great for restaurants/salons.

That’s it for functions. Payby is available on Google Play, App Store, App Gallery & BOTIM. Anyone can register Payby wallet, although it requests a ton of information.

How to Create Payby Account?

Payby requests a mobile number for an account. Most countries are supported, so you probably will be able to sign up. Then, KYC verification takes place, requesting personal ID confirmation, as required by the UAE Central Bank regulations. Being verified increases your holding & transfer limits. 

The procedure is very similar to those in other applications. Inevitably, questions arise that are typical for such services — how do they handle data such as a phone number for Payby? How safe is it to provide them with your details?

They rely on artificial intelligence, transaction encryption and various confirmations made by the users and operation mechanisms to better maintain the transaction processing. Their technology is proven, worldwide considered, and high-end. Seems like there’s no catch, just good security.

Your data can still be mishandled and sold by the company or stolen by hackers exposing internet users in search of profit. If you’re looking for improved safety, try bypassing the requirements to register Payby wallet using virtual phone numbers.

Virtual Phone Numbers to Register Payby Wallet

How can virtual phone numbers be useful? They work entirely over the internet, allowing you to get the features of a regular SIM card without its physical carrier. This way, you can sign up online completely anonymously without putting your personal information at risk.

SMS-Man offers virtual phone numbers from 150+ different countries that can receive SMS online from over 1000 different web services and applications such as PayBy.

virtual phone number from sms man

These phone numbers can be reusable or disposable. The latter are cheaper, easier, and suitable for a single account—as shown below:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. Register & log in to your account
  3. Deposit money via the “top up my balance” feature.
  4. Pick the service and country to buy a virtual phone number.
  5. Find the bought number in the “History” section, then copy it.
  6. Download Payby app, and use the virtual number during registration.
  7. Return to SMS-Man, then press “receive SMS” near your number.
  8. Use the code to complete the account.

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