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How to Use Deezer App without a Phone Number?

Deezer App without a Phone Number

When speaking of the most liked and functional music streaming services, people often remember names like Spotify or Apple ID. While the Deezer app seems somewhere in the shadow of the giants.

Though, it is not fair at all because their platform’s functionality is truly outstanding and well-thought. Well, what is great about this music streaming app, and is it possible to omit the phone number when registering? Let’s examine it in today’s blog post.

what is deezer

What is Deezer?

Deezer is the first launched music streaming service and has a wide audience. Though the app has more than 14 million active users, 7 of which are paid users. However, it never managed to become more popular than the aforementioned giants. As of today, Deezer’s music library has more than 120 million songs from different countries.

Well, speaking of how to use Deezer, first, it needs to be said that the app has quite accurate personalization feature. As for it, the app uses three methods of defining your preferences. That is why, before starting to use the app, it will ask you to choose your favorite genres and artists. Such information will build your music profile on Deezer. Moreover, you can like or dislike songs which also helps the app better understand your music tastes.

One of the prominent features related to personalization on the app is ‘Flow’. The more likes and dislikes you put, the more accurate your Deezer song selection will be. Thus, with ‘Flow’, you can find brand-new songs that you have never listened before and heard of — and that you will probably like since the Deezer app’s algorithms can analyze your music preferences pretty accurately.

This allows users not to fixate too much on a single genre and limited number of artists. And it also helps expand the music scope in many ways. The best of ‘Flow’ is that it suggests random songs in surprising ways.

The basic account allows you to plug in up to three devices while the Deezer Family subscription gives you an opportunity to manage up to six Deezer accounts.

Deezers app

Deezer’s Lyrics & Translation Feature

When it comes to other differentiating factors for Deezer, one of them is that it streams the song’s lyrics on the screen while it is playing. This is what lets you sing karaoke with your favorite artists. Additionally, this is a helpful tool for practicing the foreign language’s audible comprehension. What is more, with this in-built feature, you can also translate the song’s lyrics from English into a few other languages. The list includes Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

What is Deezer’s SongCatcher?

Moreover, the paid subscription also gets you access to such Shazam-like functionality as SongCatcher. Do you still remember the Shazam app that once? Just like with it, with the Deezer’s SongCatcher, you can recognize any song that is played around you. Be it on a railway station on your way home from work or in a cafe during dinner. Or if the song is stuck in your head, but you do not know its name, just sing (or whistle) the melody, and the Deezer app’s algorithms will discover it for you.

Deezer Registration

As with other online services of the 2020-s, you will not be able to utilize the Deezer account’s opportunities without passing through the phone number verification process.

In other ways, the whole registration process is pretty simple. On the sign-up page, the form will require you to provide an email address and come up with a password.

If you are not ready to compromise your actual phone number to the platform’s database, it seems wiser to consider a virtual phone number instead. When are the virtual phone numbers relevant? Let’s take it a closer look in the next block.

How to Create Deezer Account without a Phone Numbr?

Using one-time virtual numbers, you do not need to worry about your real phone number being leaked and getting into scammers’ hands. Even if intruders hack the platform’s database and receive your data, they will not be able to trace you by a virtual phone number.

The reason is that it is not connected to any exact device or geolocation, nor does it make you disclose your proof of identity. This is why leveraging such numbers significantly increases user anonymity and protects data privacy.

Moreover, such numbers are really indispensable when you need to access any restricted apps that are not accessible from your area. With SMS-Man, you can safely sign up for over 3000 popular global and local apps, choosing from over 190 available national codes.

virtual phone number

Here is how you can buy a virtual number from SMS-man for the Deezer registration:

  1. Register on through email address or join via Gmail.
  2. Deposit funds to your balance — few payment methods are available, including WeChat, AliPay, Payeer or bank transfer.
  3. After that, go to the ‘Receive SMS’ tab and choose: 1. for the service (Deezer). 2. For the country code. Click the ‘Buy’ button.
  4. Get the purchased number from the History section and submit it to Deezer.
  5. Get back to SMS-man and reveal an OTP by tapping ‘Get SMS’ near the number.
  6. Use the code for your Deezer account.

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