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How to Register Hertz Account without a Phone Number?

Register Hertz Account without a Phone Number

What is Hertz? Hertz, a service of the worldwide renowned Hertz Corporation, allows anyone to book, manage, and even adjust their car rental reservations from their phone. It makes the rental procedure simpler to address a critical problem with travelers who need to rent a car in different global destinations quickly.

The service is designed to provide ultimate convenience to the travelers. The Hertz app allows users to view and compare different car choices, check prices, and select the best fit for their needs after they have an account. This reading is going to show what registering is like on Hertz, why it needs your number, and what it has to offer.

What is Hertz

What Is It Like To Use Hertz App?

The online check-in option is a great time saver for Hertz account users. Before their car arrives, clients can already fill out required forms, upload documents, and gather all the necessary rental details, a convenience for those with tight schedules or who prefer less direct contact.

Loyalty program members can take special advantage of the app. Hertz’s Gold Plus Rewards integration enables customers to track in-app points and get rewards such as free rental days and vehicle upgrades, leading to enhanced experience and convenience.

What is Hertz doing in case of questions or issues? The app allows for immediate communication with customer service. To get the necessary support, you just need to make a few taps, which reduces travel-related stress and allows quick problem-solving on the go.

In addition, it has location-based services like maps and directions. They are vital for getting around unknown regions. Users can search for rental sites, locate gas stations, and discover nearby attractions all within the Hertz app. This feature enriches the rental and travel experience.

The whole service is very convenient for modern travelers as it combines efficiency, various features as well as simplicity, a set of key benefits for business or leisure travel. This app has become a must-have for the modern consumer who is always on the go and uses mobile services. 

Hertz App

What is Hertz Like When Registering?

The Hertz account sign-up process is simple. When you start, download the app on your phone and choose the option of creating a new account. You will be required to complete a registration form and provide your basic personal information such as name, email address, and password. 

You have to provide a phone number for Hertz too. This adds an extra layer of security and communication but also provides you with the most important updates about your bookings. On top of that, your phone number will be your point of contact if any problems occur with your rental or account. 

It allows them to quickly deal with any problems as they arise, improving customer service and satisfaction. But if you want an authorized account without a real number, SMS-Man can help you.

How to Register on Hertz Car Rental With a Virtual Number?

Disposable virtual numbers are a good choice for those concerned about security on the Hertz car rental app. These numbers only serve the purpose of receiving one text or call before they stop working, which is a good way to protect your personal contact information.

Vendors like SMS-Man provide disposable numbers for the lowest prices, starting at less than $1. You can easily get verified without providing your real phone number for Hertz or thousands of other services. It is even better for those who seek a car hire service but are not willing to engage in regular use or subscriptions. To activate an account with such a number, just purchase it on SMS-Man’s official website and use it during the registration process.

virtual phone number from sms man

The below tutorial will help you:

  1. Sign up on or use your Google+ account to join.
  2. Locate the ‘top-up’ option on the screen and deposit money. ($1 will be enough)
  3. Choose the service (Hertz Car Rental) and select the country, then click ‘buy SMS’ for the desired service.
  4. Add the number to your profile and make a copy of it.
  5. Use the number to complete the verification process on Moneylion.
  6. Return to your profile and click ‘receive SMS.’
  7. Use the code you received to finish the registration process.

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