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How to Use Brevo without a Phone Number?

How to Use Brevo without a Phone Number

Email marketing automation services are more relevant today than ever, because otherwise your corporate newsletters risk not being delivered to your customers, but end up in the Spam folder. And the Brevo platform has a high email deliverability rate, compared to its counterparts.

So, what is Brevo about, and how can you make an account without giving out a private phone number? Let’s examine it in today’s article.

What is Brevo?

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) is one of the most well-known and most optimized services for automating email newsletters for businesses, as well as other channels of communication with customers. The platform is an excellent alternative to MailChimp and other players in the field. The Brevo company (at that time, Sendinblue) was founded in 2012 in Paris, and today it has offices in five more cities around the world. The list includes Seattle, New York, Delhi, Berlin, Toronto, and more.

In addition to email campaigns, for those who completed the Brevo sign in, the platform allows companies to build automated SMS and WhatsApp campaigns. This includes sending transactional messages, such as order receipts and updates. Moreover, the developers have added Live Chat that makes it possible for your company to communicate with your website’s customers and clients online. The platform is used by both multibillion-dollar corporations as well as many representatives of medium and small businesses.

What is Brevo

How to Use Brevo?

Speaking of how to use Brevo, we need to say that it offers a few more marketing features that are important for companies focusing on content marketing as the key direction of their marketing campaign.

So, in particular, you can build landing pages using the ready-made templates, which is very simple, fast, and convenient. Thus, when you create a Brevo account, you do not need to hire a web developer or designer.

Given that for providing high-quality service to the customers, it is important to give a quick answer to any of their requests. For the quickest reaction, it is wise to put Live Chat by Brevo right on your company’s website. This way, you will be able to retain part of your clients by helping them choose a product right at the moment of choice. Using Live Chat, you can also send messages to your clients on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Another answer to how to use Brevo is that it has the in-built CRM system. It really simplifies tracking your clients and conducting complex marketing for your teams. Moreover, it synchronizes with other marketing automation services of the platform.

In addition, if getting back to email marketing campaigns, it also supports the A/B testing functionality. On the platform, you can build and test various options of the same newsletter to check the best conversion rate.

Brevo website

Phone Number for Brevo

To register a Brevo account and create email marketing campaigns to your company’s client base, you need to follow a few steps. On the first screen, submit your email and password, fill the captcha. And then verify your email address.

Then submit your first and last name, company name and website if you have one. After that, you need to submit your address, zip code, city, and country.

Moreover, to protect your personal account from web intruders, the service also requires you to pass two-factor authentication with a mobile number. Though, not to compromise your private phone number, consider leveraging a temporary virtual phone number for your Brevo account.

How to Use Brevo without a Phone Number?

If you care that your online identity can be hacked and stolen, it is wise to use one-use virtual phone numbers for verification and protection purposes.

Like traditional cellular numbers, virtual numbers are able to receive SMS messages, including OTP codes. That is why it perfectly suits the Brevo sign in. But since virtual numbers operate through the specialized cloud software, it is hard to trace them to an end user. Moreover, these numbers provide better anonymity since they do neither request any documents when purchasing, nor being attached to physical location or devices.

Out of all temporary virtual numbers’ vendors, SMS-Man is one of the prominent ones providing numbers with 190+ country codes for registration and verification purposes in 3000+ global and local apps. Finally, purchasing such a number does not cost a fortune, starting at $0.14 per one-use number.

virtual phone number

Here is how you can obtain a virtual phone number for Brevo in a few steps:

  1. Register at using email or verified Gmail.
  2. Replenish funds to the account balance in any convenient way, including a bank transfer, crypto or payment systems.
  3. Enter ‘Receive SMS’ and select the service (Brevo). After that, select the country and click “Purchase”.
  4. To get the number, scroll down to ‘History’, copy it and submit it to Brevo.
  5. Return to the SMS-man page and click “Get a code” near the number.
  6. Enter an OTP to finish verification.

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